The Harsh Realities Of Earth Existence

This client came into a life as a young (18) male on a battlefield in France. Everyone dying around him, he was very scared and didn’t want to be there, didn’t understand. He and his brother lived in on a farm in England. They both signed up together to fight in the war (WW1) They didn’t really understand what they were doing, but felt it was the right thing to do and he was going to do his part, “We’re all in it together.”

Realizing we were probably at the day of the soldier’s death I asked the client to go back a couple of years before this but they went back to another life as a male elder in a village. It’s very dry and he goes on a journey to find land with more water for his village to move to. He is unsuccessful and dies with some of the others in the village as others have gone to look now.

After the elder’s death the client finds themselves on what they called their home planet looking up at the stars. They know they’re supposed to be going somewhere- to earth to help. At first they describe themselves as a furry humanoid type person. There are male and female beings on the planet, the client is male. He’s wearing black shoes, fur clothes to keep them warm.

They don’t need to eat anything on this planet though, they live by energy that they absorb. They are explorers of the universe, they watch other planets and see many things. The client tells me that this time they’re going to earth “Where there are people that are supposed to be like us but they have these body things.” Do you have physical bodies I ask? “No we just are, we see each other, we are separate, but together.” Then the client realizes they are practicing for their earth trip by wearing the furs to get used to being contained in something small.

To travel to earth they don’t need anything they “just go” Is it instant? “No we just get there and then we’re supposed to travel around and not interfere and if we can we are to help out and to teach them.

Earth is very beautiful to them, but it’s a weird place. Why? I ask.   “They’re separate, they don’t know what each other is thinking, it’s weird (client shudders).   Are any of the earth people aware of you? “Some, but the others think they’re weird. Supposedly we can help them.”

Suddenly the client sees something that is appalling to them and they’re shuddering again. “Oh! There’s killing ewe! It’s so negative!”

What are you going to do, I ask?   “I’m going to become a baby, I have to help them…. What?? I can’t feel anything? I can’t feel anything, I must be in, I’m a baby, it’s so weird.”

Are you in the womb or are you born? “In the womb. I’m starting to feel the body. It’s so small.”   What happens when the baby is born?   “I have to learn I can’t fly anymore, I can’t seem to do anything.” Did you know it would be like this? “No, nobody knew (suddenly realizes they are alone) …where is everybody else?? There’s nobody here. This is weird.”   Did anybody tell you what it would be like before you incarnated? “No.”

How do you feel? “It’s cold, I can’t feel anybody. I can’t feel energy, I’m stuck. Before we could all feel each other.”   Had you made plans to all incarnate near each other? “No, we didn’t think.”   Was anyone helping you with this project? “We were all on our own.” You just thought this would be a good idea?   “Well the master said to go.”   Who is the master?   “You don’t know the master?”   No. “He’s part of everything.” Is the master on a different level than you? “Yes, we all come from the master.”   Is this source or another being?   “Another being next to source.”   Does this being live on your planet where you came from? “We don’t really have planets we go from place to place.”   Does this master being go from place to place with you? “ Well he’s everywhere.” So the master told you to come to earth? “Well they wanted to know if we would come.” You weren’t given any idea of what the situation would be? “We never asked.

What is your job in this life? “To help raise vibration.” How are you going to do that? “By being examples. We have to live this life. To help others raise their vibration. But it’s hard because others don’t understand, they think you’re crazy.”

As you age in this body what do you do?   “I loose touch, I’m suppose to help but I don’t’ know how. There’s no power, you can’t just put your hands on somebody and heal, we’re separate.” So how do you make people better?   “I Wanted to but didn’t know how.” What sort of work did you do? “Work?   I want to touch people to make them better. Everyone just wants to kill and have power.”

I asked the client to go to the last day of this life (as the baby) and it’s the life in the trenches of World War One. “ I’m in the trenches, everyone killing each other all around, why are we here, I just don’t know. Oh, my hand is gone.”   What happened? “I don’t know it got blown off, I’m bleeding everywhere. I’m fading.” The Higher Consciousness later said they died from loss of blood.

What did you learn in that life? “We were supposed to help them but we became like them there was no difference. It was pointless. I don’t know, why did we come?” Are you disappointed?   “Yes, I don’t understand, we were supposed to help them but we couldn’t do anything and then became caught up in it.”

The purpose in that life was to help earth beings. Did you make a difference even a small one? “No.”

They were there to set an example and they came in with no understanding or preparation for the job they thought they could do in one short lifetime. Just being and holding that energy was really all that was asked of them in the soldier’s life.

When I asked the Higher Consciousness why the client was shown this life it said it was because the client needs to know life is never pointless, just enjoy life and feel it and be happy. This client just has to be and they will know what to do.

Then I asked, is the client one of the first wave of volunteers? “ Yes but much earlier.” Was that the first wave then, around 1900? “ Yes 1900 - 1910 about there.”

As you can see these Volunteers have been coming to help earth for a very long time. It’s hard to fathom the incredible disappointment, awe, and revulsion that is felt by these souls when they arrive. Some volunteers have had several lives on earth and you would hope they remember and understand earth life after an experience or two, but more often than not the memories become dim or are erased once they incarnate. Often all they know is that they simply want to help.

If you think you’re a volunteer and you’re feeling the disappointment, shock and the longing for “home” please look at the bigger picture over time and know how much has changed even in the last 10 - 20 years. You truly have made an incredible difference, and you are helping in ways you can’t begin to imagine while here.


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The Harsh Realities Of Earth Existence

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