A Star Being Here To Help The Earth

From what the Client told me in the interview it sounded like this was a classic volunteer (A being who has volunteered to incarnate on earth to help during this very important time).  Many times these beings have never incarnated on earth before and they find it cruel and bewildering.  In my practice I have seen many people searching for answers to lifelong questions in order that they may finally have some validation to these strange feelings they have.  Despite being a very cheerful and outgoing person this Client has always felt they didn’t fit in here on earth, they have always wanted to go home, but where is home?                                                                                                                                                                                                                     This person  has an advanced grasp on the concept of oneness which they live in their day to day life.  The Client doesn’t have to think it through, they know everything is connected in a way most of us find perplexing. In fact one of their complaints was that they are never sure if their thoughts are their’s or someone else’s, “Do I even have any thoughts of my own?” the Client said.

This was a very playful, joyful, childlike Higher Consciousness connection. Although the Client said later that they were very aware, and remembered and felt most of the session the HC (Higher Consciousness) connection was very deep and at times the HC found the questions confounding and amusing because it simply couldn’t understand the relevance of the Client’s questions.  I had a lot of explaining to do!   For example when I asked the HC what would be the optimal food for this person to eat the HC kept questioning food?....  Food?....  Food?  It didn’t understand.  I had to try to explain what food was and it’s importance for the physical body and it took quite a while for the HC to understand this before the questions could be answered.

This client didn’t seem to go to a past life; they did briefly find themselves as a young girl in a dress holding a teddy bear standing on a wet rock in the dark, but soon they noticed a very, very large bright white star in the sky.  This star sent wave lengths of light that touched the little girl, making her warmer,  then the Client realized they were the star and this was home.  It’s so lovely to watch someone as they find home again, of course there were tears of joy.  I’m always so grateful that these lost souls can connect to home in this way.  As a side note, when I sent this article for the client’s approval one of the comments they made about seeing home again was this: “ I have to say I feel so settled now that I got to go "home!!!" I really needed that. I am now 100% grounded and feel so much better. Like a hug. Nothing is more fulfilling.”

Later the Client told me that before they became the star they were the ocean (not on earth).  They were the light in the ocean of a planet that this Client brought life and light to, and now on earth they perform this same function by creating “holes” as the HC called it.  “The whales are part of the soul of the earth and they have holes to breathe and help the ocean to breathe” the HC said.

The client was part of this planet’s creation- they muttered,  “Had to have life, had to keep trying, had to figure it out!”  When they were working on this project their form was very tall, not human, a tall light being.

Now this Client has come to earth to fix the “stupid mistakes.” “People have messed it up.”  “Why would they mess it up?”  “They (The beings that messed it up) thought it was funny, amusing, but it’s not!”   In particular at this time this person is working on reducing the devastation from Fukushima.  They have to open some holes in other parts of the earth and close holes in Japan, the Client was visiting Japan during the earth quake.  This person has the opportunity to travel often which allows them to do the work which they were un-conscious of before the session.

They are here to bring in the light by breathing and bringing light in through the “hole” at the top of their head (Crown Chakra).  The Client has to keep it connected to the stars and the sun.  In fact we can all help the earth and stop the effects of the radiation of the ocean by breathing light in through the top of our heads (crown chakra) down through our feet into the earth to the core and back up again.  The HC said if enough of us do this we can reverse the effects of the Fukashima radiation.

Then the HC said that some people don’t have these “holes” and they need to open them up, which is another part of this Client’s mission here, to help people understand and open their crown chakra and breathe in the light.  This and the following information about the shift resonated with me and I feel it’s meant to be shared.

The HC said the earth is out of balance and needs a big shift, a big pull.  It has to be strong enough so that the vibration bounces back, and when it a bounces back it will re-set it.  This sounded like a huge earth quake to me but the HC said it was more of a vibrational thing, it was huge, but not a shaking of the earth so much as a vibration that would be brought forth during an eclipse.  The clouds would come and there would be a big, big rain which would clean, the rivers will get big and wide and the forests greener and then you will have more oxygen, nature needs to take over. This is the shift, we’re in it now, the earth is shaking now but it hasn’t gone deep enough to the core then it can re-set.

The HC’s exact explanation was- “The Sun and Moon combine they create and an eclipse, it goes down to the core (of the earth) the core re-sets and the vibration changes shaking the entire earth, but not shaking in the sense you think of shaking a ball, shaking in the sense of the vibrational waves that come out of the earth that will re-set it.  It has to vibrate that way it’s like a hum.  We need to relax and let the change occur.”


The following is a dialogue with the HC about the “shift:”

 Me-So it’s happening right now?

Client – Absolutely.

Me-When will it be finished?

Client- 2014.

Me-What month will it be finished in? 

Client-September.  Nature IS taking over they’re the only ones that want to listen.

Me-Will this cause any destruction to the people and animals of the earth?

Client- No.

Me-Will we be aware of it?

Client- If you have a hole in your head.

Me-But the other people who don’t have holes open, will they be aware of it?


There was some physical and emotional healing done and then I brought them back. After the session the client said they were shown so much visually that helped them to understand the answers the HC had given to their questions.  Me?.... Well I’m still trying to understand without the benefit of the visuals!


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A Star Being Here To Help The Earth

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