Five Lives Remembered in One Session

ID-10021499Occasionally a client will spontaneously visit more than one past life in a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session.  We practitioners call this leapfrogging.  Sometimes you can see a theme to the lives presented and other times it seems there are multiple things the Higher Consciousness wants a client to know.

This client leapfrogged into 5 very different and interesting lives.  I would have liked to dwell longer in some of them and delve more deeply, but once I realized what was happening I knew we needed to keep each life short or we would never get to the next step in a QHHT session which is speaking with the Higher Consciousness!This is also a great example that shows that we  do indeed experience existences in many, many different forms.


The first life opens with the client looking at feet that look almost like hands.  He (this being is male) has chocolate brown fur, no tail and a face that looks almost human but not like any primate the client recognizes in this life.  He is crouched down on a beach holding food feeling very afraid of the jungle.  Although he can’t see it he feels there is a lion in the jungle watching him.

I ask if he’s alone? Yes, he was looking for food along the beach with the others and somehow got lost or separated because he was thirsty and was looking for drinkable water.

He realizes night is coming and he doesn’t know where the others are, he wants to run and climb a tree which he does.  He spends the night up in the tree but feels stupid in the morning for allowing his fear to keep him up the tree all night.

In his group of primates there are about 3 families and a lot of females in his group.  There is just him, his father and another male.  He feels he doesn’t fit in with the females; they tend to stay together and don’t include him.  He says “Girls have the strength because there are so many of them.

This was a waiting life, with no purpose, just being.


The client feels they are floating now and sees a cave with a light inside.  They go into the cave and see what the client describes as gnome-like humanoids living inside the cave.

This body is an old male (elder) with huge, thick dirty feet, very short body.  The hands are much like the feet large, thick and dirty.  He wears roughly woven clothes (dirty), shorts and a piece of cloth wrapped around the torso, with leather wrist cuffs.  The head is balding now, with grey hair and a big beard.  He is wearing a hat, but really it’s just a piece of cloth to cover the head with no shape to it and he is smoking a pipe.  This elder gnome has no children and considers the colony as his family.

He lives with about 50 others in 2 caves. It’s mainly an adult “colony” few or no children.  They are very happy though, there’s lots of laughter, smiling and music is being played.  In fact the client said that their spoken language sounds very similar to laughter.

They live mainly underground and don’t hunt or grow things to eat. They gather their plants, small birds, fish etc to eat.  They find bones and use the large ones to build a scaffolding at the back of the cave because it’s dirt there and it tends to crumble.  They also use the bones for decoration and to make knives and eating utensils.  The client described a type of fork/spike thing they used to eat with.

They are aware of large birds near them which he identified as eagles.  They communicate with these eagles and have formed a symbiotic relationship with the eagles; the eagles bring them fish and tell them what they can see from the air.  The gnome people tell the eagles what is underground.

On his last day he is laying at the front of the cave with everyone in the colony sitting in a semi-circle behind him.  Death is just a fading away of the body into the ground the client says.  This is done while the group watches as sort of a ceremony.  His death and fading will add needed strength to the edge of the cave.  There is a sense of sadness, but gladness as well.  As he passes he becomes part of the cliff and lives in that form for a while and then happily fades from that existence.

Energy Stream

In this life the client finds they are a very thin stream of energy and in their words “my feet touch the center of the earth and my head goes to the edge of the atmosphere” they actually don’t have any feet or head though.  This is an example of an existence that is pure energy.

This energy stream is blown around by some sort of wind.  The colors of this energy are pale blue, white and pink and are constantly changing.  The purpose of this life is to follow a line, a fault line that is liquid magma.  When this energy stream passes through the line the magma becomes solid.  The closer the energy stream gets to being done with their work the smaller the energy stream gets until they find themselves underneath the water and then on an island where they turn into crystal sand.  You can see how the energy has become “embodied” now as sand.  At this point the client says they can feel the water where they couldn’t feel the water while under it.

So far in this session this is the first existence the client has looked at where they feel they have a purpose.  When done (last day) they go up into space with darkness around them.

ET Being

In this life the client immediately feels discomfort in their right arm, it feels cold.  They realize they are in some sort of container and their right arm is pressed against the side which is glass. They can see open space through the glass.  The client says the coldness is eating the muscle.

The body in this life is ET, the skin is pale green and the right arm is very long and thin because it was stretched? The hand had 3 fingers.  The other arm is only ½ the length of the right one.  This being is very tall and the client soon realize their right leg is also stretched and is pressed against the side as well.  The foot also has 3 digits and can be used as a hand.

Note: In this client’s questions to the Higher Consciousness they ask about the physical damage and problems (including arthritis) they have had in this life, strangely all down the right side of their body.

 This ET was a mechanic on the ship, the longer limbs helps them to perform repairs. When the procedure is done to stretch the limbs something (yellow) is injected into the joints (but as the client noted, they don’t really have joints) and it temporarily turns them into a play dough like substance.  The stretching must be done quickly and then it sets.  They noted that the procedure is quite uncomfortable when done.

The body was modified on one side so they would be able to reach further into the mechanics of the ship to do the necessary repairs.   The body wasn’t “made” this way.  The client said that it is a biological body that was “incubated” and without a birth process

The head is really interesting, the client said it is long and straight, like a stick, and there are no features.  The head is used in the same way we use fingertips to feel.  They wear special helmets which allows them to see and hear, without the helmet they don’t have those senses.  The brain is in their head, but interestingly the mind and heart are in the middle of the body. I would have liked to ask their definition of brain and mind. These beings communicate telepathically with emotions.

The client realizes that they are not meant to be in the pod- which they later describe as more of an un-used closet on the ship.  They have been shoved in there and forgotten.

The ET being had been given an assignment which was seen and noticed as a promotion and another being like them (mechanic) felt jealous because they had been on the ship longer.  This other ET pushed the client into the room and forgot about them.  “He feels no remorse, things like this are common in this culture,  it’s a fight to get ahead culture”. The ET feels shock and surprise by the actions of this other mechanic but no one knows they are in there and no one would question where they went.

Over time it gets cold and the ET falls asleep and leaves body (dies).

At the end of this life the client says the body is not important, knowledge is.


In this life the client sees a volcano, they are an infant girl floating in water beside a volcano.  This is the mother’s first child.

The infant’s stomach hurts because her mother doesn’t know how to take care of her and doesn’t want to accept the help of the older women, but once the mother figures it out the baby thrives and grows.

They have migrated to this area with the very young and the very old.  There is a sickness that attacks the skin and turns it black eventually killing the person somewhat like leprosy.  This group has moved away in hopes of avoiding this sickness

They are hunters mainly of a type of deer with two horns that spiral out the back of the head.

An important day comes when the child is older and she’s watching some new very fancy dressed people approaching.  They wear feathers, beads, jewelry.  She’s never seen anyone else but her group before.

From this group they find out the sickness is done and they are all invited to go with the new people and live in their village.  At this point the client wants to say these people are Mayan.  The little group follows these new people back to their village.

She sees a difference in how she appears and how the new people look.  She has very dark skin and black curly hair.  These new people are lighter and have straight black hair.

In the village she meets a man, they live together and have 3 children. She is very happy with her new family.

In the next scene she’s dying, her chest is full of fluid.  Her breathing is very labored.  I ask if they do anything to help her but the client says nothing is working and no one knows how to help her.

Unfortunately the client felt they weren’t ready to leave that life, she didn’t want to leave the children, although she doesn’t have anything to worry about as we see the children are well looked after by the husband and his relatives.

Time Slipping

At the end of this session after I’ve asked all of the client’s questions I asked if there was something the client didn’t ask that the Higher Consciousness would have liked to answer.

I often do this and it’s interesting to hear what the Higher Consciousness wants them to know.

The HC said it would have wanted them to ask “Why do I time-slip?”

The HC answered- It’s a pre-view of what’s to come, it’s something the client has always done it but is just noticing it more now.

It seems at times the client realizes they are further along in time than they should be while doing something.  It’s to show them that time is flexible, it’s a state of mind.  Everyone can do this and this client is just becoming aware of it.

Have any of you ever noticed this?  I know I certainly have!

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Five Lives Remembered In One Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session

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