* Becoming a Portal

energy tornadoMany would argue that a human would always experience past lives as human and animals would always be animals.  As for all the inanimate things around us, well ……aren’t they just “there?”  I thought that was pretty much how it went until after doing QHHT for a while.

This long held notion doesn’t work anymore.  For me the idea that we are everything has helped me to a greater understanding of the “Oneness” that everything is a part of.

We may all start out as one, from source but once becoming singular our experiences are limitless. And it is thought that our souls experience existence as everything eventually.  This is part of our learning.  An incarnation that goes on for millennia as rock can be understood to be a valuable learning experience while in hypnosis.  Imagine the scenes a mountain of rock would experience over this much time?

The client whose past existence I’m going to talk about illustrates the diversity we experience through eons of never ending time.

When this client first entered my home I felt an immediate lightness in the room.  This person is positive, lighthearted, honest and very perceptive.  Like many who come to me this person felt that at this time in their life they needed some clarity around what they felt they have sensed for their entire life.  Many others are also seeking clarity after years of self doubt.

Often a QHHT session enables these souls to step into their future plans with more understanding, a bird’s eye view if you will of the “bigger picture”.  For most of these folk it really is more about what they can do to help the earth and others around them at this very important time, and so it is imperative that they have a clear understanding of their plan and purpose.

When this person came off the cloud they found themselves in a place where the landscape was hard with jagged points of browns and orange and red tips and edges.  I sometimes find that after the client settles in and relaxes a little more what they first thought about the scene may shift a little and so this person  later felt  it was actually more a gaseous environment.  Rather than a separate body, they felt as though they are a part of their surroundings.  It feels comforting and they feel they were born into this place.

Next there’s a sudden explosion and they see a lot of white light.  They are in fact a part of the explosion, they are the white light.  (It was later thought that this gaseous place was actually a way-station between Source and where they went/became next).  The white light is moving in all directions quite fast, and then they tell me they have become steady in one spot.  “Do you have a shape or form now?” I ask.  “It’s a ball, spinning out in space with other planets and stars around.”  The client feels they are a part of it, they are this spinning ball.

The “planet or star” is moving in waves of blue and white light.  “It feels so hot it’s cold……It feels like home.” they say.   They know they have changed in some way (the explosion) but because they are of it, they have no understanding of the how or the why, that’s where my job comes in, to ask questions.  They can now smell iron or rust and feel that iron is at the heart of this star/planet.  Iron’s purpose in this place is to balance.

Does this planet consist solely of them (client)  I ask?  “Yes”, they answer.  Why did they (client) form the planet?  “To bring more light to the universe, to show the way.  This was an assignment to spread out the light and be a portal.” The client answered.

A portal I asked?, “Yes, an inter-dimensional gateway, one of those places where you can go through and change dimensions quickly.  It’s used by beings from higher dimensions.  By going through this portal and stepping down their energy they can make a choice which dimension they go into.  It’s a surer way to travel than a wormhole.  With a wormhole you can always end up in very weird places, this planet is more clearly linked to source, wormholes are denser.”  They said.

This client’s function is to provide this portal and even though this person is incarnated and living a life on earth at this time there is also a part of them that is this planet.

There are many of these portals in space and beings from other places in the universe can “feel” which ones are portals, because not all stars or planets are portals.

So, I ask, If we on earth took a ship up could we also use these portals?  “Yes”, came the reply, of course you also need to be able to “feel” the correct star.

I ask if there are people on earth now who know about these portals?  The client tells me that over the centuries on earth it’s been taught by advanced races.  It’s now a part of the folklore that’s been passed down over time.  Several cultures have been taught that the middle star of the belt of Orion is a dimensional portal. The pyramids were built to mirror the belt; it’s called the Three Kings.

When I asked the client to go to an important time in this incarnation as a star/planet they felt there was a buzz amongst the stars and the planets.  “It felt like a song that went out,  that the energy on earth is being stepped up and it’s like an invitation to all beings to incarnate on earth.”  “It’s an invitation with a warning, they said,  because it could all go either way.”   We had a laugh about the invitation going out to everyone in the universe, apparently the universe is of a non-denominational nature and everyone was invited!

Why did some choose to come and others not, I asked?  “Some could do more good by incarnating here and bridging, it’s something that’s not been done before- a planet with millions of people shifting, it’s not been done in this way before, it’s new and many came to experience this….having not read the fine print. They said.” …… More laughter.

This client felt they could help the earth as they were well versed in “shifting” energies having been functioning as a portal for eons of time.

And so here they are, having come to help as best they can with little or no previous experience on this very difficult planet Earth.

Through Dolores’ work and now the work of many of her students we now know that there are probably millions of “humans” on earth at this time who have always felt they don’t belong here.  They long for “home” not knowing where home is, but it’s certainly not here!  They’ve come to help and their time is now.

Many people reading this session may feel a kinship with this person, for they too feel an unaccountable longing to be somewhere else, where they are understood and loved unconditionally.  The beautiful thing I get to see is the way they change once the light of understanding illuminates and they see that the years of struggle to fit in on earth was not in vain.  It is my sincere wish that these dear souls leave my home with the knowledge that they are so loved and appreciated for everything they are.

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Becoming a Portal

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