* Letting Go of Expectations

 This article was written by a truly beautiful soul, fellow Taurean and fellow QHHT practitioner Joren Kennetz.


I believe we as practitioners and even our clients come into QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) sessions with too many expectations. Many times if a session doesn't happen textbook style, practitioners and clients consider it a failure, but times are changing. The energies and vibrations of everything we believe to be true are changing. Even Dolores says that it is easier for people to see through the veil.

Most people are remembering more of the sessions, and that is where humanity is right now.

We never know what is going to happen during a session. Sometimes our limiting beliefs actually hinder the work of the SC (Subconscious), also called the Oversoul, Higher Self, or Christ Consciousness. Why would we want to come into the space where anything and everything is possible, and place our own personal limiting beliefs into the mix. Why limit the limitlessness? Let the Subconscious and the Divine decide what is perfect for each QHHT session.

There is no wrong or right in the outcome of a session if we let go of those expectations of what we think should happen for a "successful session." There was a recent story of a client that fell asleep multiple times in the session and the healing still happened because the facilitator didn't give up. She walked the sleeping client and the silent SC through a beautiful self healing during the session and didn't even know it. She initially thought it was a failed session. Even though most of us would have said this was impossible, the SC doesn't have such limiting beliefs. Perhaps the client fell asleep so the conscious mind would not interfere with the healing that was supposed to happen. We just sometimes don't know why the SC works the way it does.

Sometimes people come to us expecting to see a certain past life, and what they receive is something so different, and yet so valuable. The lessons they are shown mean so much more to them in the end, then just the curiosity of what they thought or expected to happen. I had one client that came to me really wanting to experience a past life. Instead the SC took him straight to source and allowed him to experience oneness and love to a degree he never imagined. After the session, he was at first upset because he didn't have a past life, but after a period of time he realized the gift he was given. It was his and my first lesson in letting go of expectations.

The Higher Self knows what is most important for us to learn on our personal life journey. It knows what information and healing is most needed right now, and how to best give us that information so that we will easily understand it and incorporate it into our life. It's okay to bring in our personal questions and requests, but it's also best to allow whatever information to come through that the Divine wants to share with us.

By limiting what we want from a session, we are in essence limiting what is available to us. Instead we should open ourselves up to the unending possibilities that are available to us through QHHT. The best we could do is release our expectations and expect the unexpected.





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Letting Go Of Expectations

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