* My Own QHHT Session

As a practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis you would think I would have had many sessions myself, not so, in fact I have only had 3 sessions since I took training with Dolores over four years ago.

In fact I will tell you that I’m not the easiest person to work with and this realization came as a bit of a shock to me because I’m not a newbie to all this metaphysical stuff.  It seems I have control issues and despite all the meditation, development circles, and healing work I have been doing for many years now… I still couldn’t just let go and allow.

My first session was right after my friend Tamira and I took Dolores’ Level One class.  I had already done lots of past life regressions led by others as well as myself.  I know how readily available past life information is and  in this process it is the path generally taken to the Higher Consciousness where my questions and healing requests would be answered. 

When my friend asked to speak with the Higher Consciousness I remember feeling this other presence move forward and I felt myself move to the side……..perfect!  Then she asked the first question and it is then that the control issues began to show.  Rather than just open my mouth and begin to speak as Dolores instructs her clients to do, for some reason I decided to “listen” for the answer and then speak it myself, never allowing the HC to speak on its own.  This is what I now call translating, and it does work to a point but remember your answers are going to go through a very thick filter, what we call the left brain or conscious mind. 

While the answers to my questions were less than I had hoped for when Tamira asked the healing requests I had physical sensations that confirmed that yes, the HC really was there and even though my conscious mind was hanging on tooth and nail, the HC was still able to do the healing work…Yay!

At the end of the session I remembered every word, every answer and the recording held no surprises……hmm I thought.

My friend and I didn’t live in the same country at the time, so sessions were few and far between.  By the time I had my second session I had facilitated many sessions as a practitioner myself and had seen most of my clients effortlessly allow the HC to come through with allot more clarity than I.  So I made a bargain with myself that I would ignore that conscious mind and allow the HC to speak.  I wouldn’t say I was entirely successful in this, but at some point I did do as Dolores tells us to do, I opened my mouth and began to speak and then just allowed the words to tumble out.  This worked much, much better and I was able to get some information without the translation, not all though.  As with the first session the healing work came through perfectly again.  This showed me how important is is to ALWAYS ASK THE HEALING QUESTIONS, because if healing is appropriate the HC will do the healing, it just needs permission.

So recently I had my third session and this time it was much different.  The past life came through, a digging potatoes life directly linked to issues I’m working on in this life.

The between lifetime state was so beautiful and inspiring many times I knew I wasn’t describing everything because I just wanted to experience.  I kept thinking …Oh, I’ll remember this later, which is not a good thing to do because of course I didn’t remember later and I missed much of the richness of the experience by not getting it on the recording.

Never-the-less when I listened to the recording I remembered that amazing feeling of being loved unconditionally, the beautiful beings who met me and I was even given a teaching about the light.

I found myself watching this huge torch with the flames spreading out as they would if they hit a low ceiling.  Then I realized that the handle of the torch was spiraling, in fact I could see streaks of blackness spiraling up the handle, transmuting into light as it spiraled forming this spectacular flaming light torch.  I knew while watching this that this is how a spiritual body is formed.  All light is from darkness that spins to a certain frequency before turning into light.  While watching this I was feeling the energy of this move up my body from my toes right up through the top of my head.

During the Higher Consciousness part of the session I simply opened my mouth and just let go and what do you know……….the words just tumbled out and they strung sentences together and they even made sense!   I would have to say this third session was also the most enjoyable for me, maybe because it really is effortless when you just  “let go and allow”  I didn’t have to think, or translate.  I was certainly aware of what was being said at the time, but the pressure was off, I didn’t have to come up with the answers!

Once again the healing sensations were there.  Some very painful and annoying spots on my right neck, shoulder and elbow instantly felt a coolness and haven’t bothered me since.  Almost immediately after this I began to feel sharp stabs piercing down the left side of my back. Not so painful that I couldn’t endure though, in fact I was overjoyed!   I’ve known for years about emotional issues stored there.  We hadn’t asked for their release but my understanding at the time of this spontaneous healing was that they were related to the past life I had just viewed, and so now that I understood where they originated I was freed of another physical and emotional discomfort  YAY!

Once I was brought back to full wakefulness laying there I knew I would remember very little of this session.  In fact I don’t think I could have carried on a conversation about it, pretty much a blank!  Thanks goodness for that recording and I will listen to it many, many times, reinforcing the insights and the healing that I received.

Altogether a huge success and I am so grateful to my friend and fellow QHHT practitioner Tamira for this session.  Next time it’s her turn!

Tamira is a Dedicated Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner in Calgary.

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My Own QHHT Session

2 thoughts on “* My Own QHHT Session”

  1. Good Morning Marilyn…I can identify with your experience to a degree and I’m hoping you can offer some suggestions on how I can have a better experience. I recently had a session with a practioner and I could not distinguish the presence of the HC; couldn’t ignore the conscious mind; didn’t know how to move aside and allow so I listened. My mind raced as I heard the questions and waited for something else to take over and answer them because I didn’t have them! I went under a second time (same session) and when asked the questions I tried to allow the HC to take over even giving permission but nothing. No healing; no feeling of wholeness as I’d desired. I’m still trying to move past leaving there feeling more disappointed than over joyed. I’ve surmised that I need clearer instruction on how to achieve a more enlightening experience. You may know the person that conducted my session but names aren’t important. Your understanding of where I am is what matters. How do I get past this block? I believe this is possible and at least you understand where I am. I felt like I threw my money in the ocean after my session. Not good I know and I’m still working on getting beyond those feelings. I’d like discuss this with you further if you have the time.

    1. Hi Derrick,

      I know exactly how you feel, I also know that you received exactly what you needed to receive in a way that was best for you to receive it it’s just that it’s not how you expected it to be. Ive experienced this myself several times and Ive seen it with clients.

      Having an awareness during a session is actually the norm now a days. It is very rare for there to be no memory or awareness and in fact I prefer to work with clients who have some awareness during the session. Why are clients more aware now than 30 years ago? It’s because we have evolved at a tremendous rate over the last 30 years. I think you will agree you are not the same person as you were even 5 years ago. Our frequencies have amped upwards, our DNA has been activated, the hemispheres of our brain are working cooperatively together now and it is all so that we can embody a larger portion of our higher selves and become the multidimensional 5D and beyond beings we truly are. Believe in magic because it is real….the higher self knows it’s the norm and thinks our doubt is both laughable and terribly frustrating.

      What I ask you to do is set your doubts aside and allow youself to trust. Doubt is a very 3D concept, it doesn’t work well in 5D, which is where you are in a QHHT session. As Dolores said…Doubt and you’re out, believe and you will achieve…

      I’m sure you are aware of the incredible transition we are in the midst of. We are in 5D but we don’t believe..we doubt. Dolores perfected a very 5D process QHHT to be used in this transition. TRUST is the only way I’ve found to work in 5D, if I trust and allow everything flows and it is much easier. If I try to use doubt- which is very much 3D in a process (QHHT) everything comes to a grinding halt. It’s like being stuck in the middle of a knot you can’t find your way out of with logic…trust me I’ve tried it….it never works….lol

      What I ask you to do is listen to your recording even though you don’t feel you got the answers and healing you wanted. You haven’t wasted your money, you have given yourself a wonderful gift that you can use over and over again for years to come. What I ask you to do is lay down, close your eyes, allow yourself to relax as though you’re going to sleep..surrendering to sleep. Each time you do this you are allowing yourself to go to that beautiful 5D energy where answers are and things can and do shift. If you lay there with no expectations just allowing and listening there will be shifts….some may be perceptable immediately, some over the hours, days, months even years ahead. Remember this is the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve had clients email years after their session to tell me about how things have shifted in their lives.

      Your higher self is always with you and communicating with you but it won’t be in a way that you expect. Do this as many times as you can. When you relax and allow your higher self can work with you, when you doubt because it’s not looking or feeling like you think it should you are blocking. Accept what ever you sense, don’t analyze or doubt and remember it may not be in that instant time frame.

      Those synchronicities yaren’tou may have noticed aren’t just synchronicities you have put them there to get your attention and nudge you along your path. The more you pay attention to them, act on those hunches, the more you will get them and then life gets really interesting.

      I’m a very analytical person and I know how easy it is to drop into doubt, but I’ve noticed living in doubt is very hard work now, it feels like being stuck in a knot of string coated in molasis, you can’t fight your way out of. The only way out is to let go and trust, life gets better-easier when you do.

      I hope this helps…..Marilyn

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