* Down-to-Earth Answers for Painful Stomach Cancer

This post is of a session fellow practitioner Clare Joslin conducted.  Claire has graciously allowed me to re-post it here.  Clare's Blog is   http://alohaclinic-qhht.org/


We don’t always get to keep in touch with our clients over time, for post-session feedback.  I continue to receive updates on this client’s progress and there have been lasting improvements.  Dolores asked us for contributions of clinical results, so I can submit this case story to our Forum:
 Often our QHHT sessions take our clients to exploration of times long past or to places ‘far and wide’…    The SC kept this one right in the practicality of ‘here-and-now’ and provided the client with relevant answers and deep healing gifts. 
Sept 2012
Pre-Talk:  Client is a 56-year old male who had been through an extremely painful and trying year, prior to coming for the QHHT session.   He reports that this originally developed with a continually worsening abdominal pain that became so intense one day (in 2010) that he collapsed and went to the ER.    Tests revealed advanced carcinoma of the stomach.  With a prognosis of only 3 weeks to live, he was referred for immediate surgery, to be followed by radiation and chemo – for some chance of his survival.
Abdominal surgery turned out to be more invasive than expected.  With the ensuing treatments, he had a difficult year, but steadily progressed back toward a more functional level of health.  Yet he remained in continual acute pain – abdominal.  His employment sick-leave was running out and with a family to support, he felt compelled to return to his mechanical engineering job soon.   He was very concerned about the pain management, as he would have to avoid any medications in order to work around the heavy equipment involved there.   
He shared with me that the pain was so intense that it was hard for him function, sleep, even to want to continue living in his body, but he was mostly concerned for his family and his provider-ship of them.
He came in clutching his abdomen with both hands/arms.   During the interview he kept repeating, almost in tears, “I just want this pain to go away.” 
There was a question as to the original cause of the cancer (possible exposures at work?) and a great fear (for him and his family) of its recurrence, especially living with the level of discomfort he was continually experiencing.
I let him know that his Higher Self fully knows and understands everything about his health issues, and that in his session he would be experiencing an “appropriate time and place” that would help him to get in touch with the answers.
Session:  In coming off the cloud, he found himself right in the midst of his current place of employment.  The first scene included him zipping himself up in a protective full-body-suit covering, in order to enter giant vats that had to be serviced (by him) with toxic chemicals.   More scenes gave him graphic views of other toxic elements of his workplace and even deeply emotional realizations of environmental concerns about where all of these chemicals were draining and ending up after usage.
After all this was shown, his SC / HS gave him clear explanations of how these exposures had contributed to his health issues.  He accessed some deep realizations about his life, love and what was most important to him.  During the Body Scan we were able to access systemic healing, including the relief of the abdominal pain that had been plaguing him on a continual basis.   He would clearly have some choices to make regarding his employment and career options.
Post-session talk:It’s my goal (as much as timing permits) to play back (just) the SC portion of their recording with each client right after their sessions, while reviewing their initial questions with them and the answers they accessed.   (I play it from their mp3 stick that they take home with them, with encouragement to continue listening to it regularly.)  While reviewing his session results, I asked him to move around and tell me how he felt.  With hesitancy he released his arms from his torso, and as he did so, he realized that he was completely pain-free!  We talked more about his HS’ advice, info and choices he had to consider.
After this, we went out to where his wife had come to pick him up, and we stopped to have some tea together and talk about the session experience with her.  After this visit / sharing, (maybe now 2 hours post-session) I encouraged him again…  “Tell (your wife) how you are feeling now.”  And with some level of amazement, he began to move about again and to realize again that he was completely pain free.   They went home with renewed hope and much relief.
8-9 months update:  I continue to get periodic updates from this client.  Since our session, he has been scheduled in to the hospital several times for series of follow-up testing, scans, etc. and each time, he remains completely cancer-free.  
He tells me that he often listens to his QHHT session recording, and sometimes uses it to fall asleep to.
He now describes some pain along the suture line  (which he thinks are disturbing nerve connections, due to the surgery).  I will visit the mainland USA in July, and he may arrange to do a follow-up session where he can discover what may be a ‘next level progression’ for his overall healing and well being, happiness and longevity.
His family and I were, and continue to be very pleased and very grateful for the wonderful gifts of QHHT.    Many heartfelt thanks to Dolores for developing and for sharing this tremendous, deeply healing modality!
With Much Love,  ~Clare 

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Down To Earth Answers For Painful Stomach Cancer

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