* A chat with Jesus, Intervention on free will, Healing, Memory Wash

This client's HC was such a delight to speak to, there was so much information it was difficult to condense.


When I moved the client through the death scene in the past life and into the between life state they described their experience this way:

It’s a meeting place, it’s a familiar place.


So you recognize it?

Yes, and it can take on any shape that I want, if I want to experience matter I can do that If I want to experience light and light form I can do that, I can communicate any way I want, I can travel any way I want, very, very comfortable here and I’m well liked here…


One of the client’s questions was why they feels such a connection to Jesus.

…..and I just really like it and I’m having a great laugh and discussing with a dear old friend in this state. I’m not communicating, I don’t hold the same identity I did when you said I left a life and have moved on, I don’t have the same identity so it’s not quite like I simply stepped on the other side and in the same manner (communicated) it’s not quite like I’m talking to an individual, we are multiple, multiple personalities rolled into one.In simple talk I am having a dialogue with a dear old friend of mine and he did incarnate down here as Jesus and we’re having a great, great chat about that and almost, well we are chuckling because I’m saying, My how difficult it was to rise from a place of nothing (the past life in early Scotland) on earth to a place of being a leader, a protector, someone who cares for the clan and wants to provide, and I’m remarking how sideways I went with it and Jesus is doing the same kind of thing laughing. Of course his result was very different than mine, but we had a similar topic to speak about. I know that I had good intentions in mine and in this place where I’m talking from right now I certainly don’t feel guilty or bad and I feel very much on equal footing to talk to him.It’s not like in an earthly sense I’ve gone to speak with Jesus about my past life no, it’s like the two of us are swapping tales about what that’s (life on earth) like.

So you both know what it’s like and you come back from the experience and it’s another story to add to the cumulative list. You describe him as a dear old friend is he someone that you connect with in this state after every life?

Ah, I’m doing a quick tally here, I’m not sure if it’s quite every life cuz sometimes we’re busy but we can certainly access each other when we choose to.


I see so there’s the feeling of the connection (to Jesus) and do you think of him as an advisor or mentor or friend?

Absolutely, in this scenario we’re on equal footing,in different lifetimes I’ve had I think of him as alternating brother, in big brother sense, dear friend, some incarnations it has been lord and savior, there’s a connection for sure and when he was here doing what he was doing (in life as Jesus) I did join him for a time. I was much older than him and it was simply an intention to love and support him in what he was doing, that’s all it was and to pray for his resurrection as it were, which has been misunderstood, but it was the definite- to be here and support and love him, I was not involved in his day to day activities, but we knew that we were both here at the same time.


Later when talking to the HC I asked- Has (client) had more than one life with Jesus?

No it was the one where Jesus became Jesus and that’s why (client) specifically asked about Jesus.  Jesus goes by a whole different subset of beings when he’s not on the planet, but he was on the planet as Jesus once and (client) was there and there’s a deep connection from Jesus to (client) and that still goes on today.


Is Jesus a part of (client’s) cadre of souls or close soul group?



Alright, so I take that to mean that this cadre of souls can be distilled down to one soul there’s just different facets, so could we say that the expression of Jesus is one facet of (client’s) soul?

Absolutely, Jesus taught that too while he was here, we are one in the spirit, I am and my father are one, I am in you he would reference this over and over, he was speaking to masses. You could distill further down in oneness and say we are a part of the one. We can even get really specific to it as well (client), who didn’t go by that name at the time, was there when Jesus was a baby, (client) made sure (client) was present. Often times we show up in those phases of each others lives when we travel as you say in a cadre, we show up in birth and death and significant points in the middle. So you can have someone who happens to be there at one or more significant events. And Jesus was here when (client) was young, a physical presence.


What was the presence?

Fished him out of the water. (Client) was 3 years old, playing with kids on a dock and fell into the water and no one noticed.  A man fished the child out of the water, that man was an aspect of Jesus, never seen him since, never will.


After you speak with him, your friend, do you go anywhere together or do you feel pulled to go anywhere, it can be anything, when something changes?

Sure, yes the place where I was referring to is a meeting place, it is an in between place and I went from there and the word that I’m going to use is council, it’s an entirely different set up and structure, it’s a governing body but again that’s only to put it into something that I can understand right now. It’s a body, it’s even a race, but not the entire race, it’s a people who are extremely concerned by what’s happening throughout, and by throughout I mean from one edge of consciousness to the other, which doesn’t even describe what I’m trying to say.

Life on planet earth is very important, life on other planets is very important, what we call empty space is very important to this body (council), and decisions are being made, aspects are being talked about, minor, minor, the topic is minor interruptions. Really strong emphases on free will and because there’s such a strong understanding on free will there’s really nothing to discuss there, that’s what I mean by the discussion becomes interruptions- knowingly putting our finger on the pulse of free will. Do we have permission to do that? When do we have permission to do that? Those are the topics that are being talked about. There’s a difference to collective consciousness and human consciousness, and right now I’m only talking about earth, so lets put other consciousness and life forms aside and talk about planet earth. There’s a very strong difference and awareness between the collective consciousness of human beings and their sense of free will and then there would be the (consciousness) of the earth itself, the (consciousness) of wildlife and matter. So these consciousnesses are separate from human consciousness both have free will, but their desires are so far apart from each other in their free will. If the earth itself cries out for a certain path to be taken and humanity cries out for a path to be taken and they’re opposites how do we as a council facilitate? Especially if there appears to be a collision between those two.


Are you a part of this council?

Yes I’m a part of this council, everybody on this council is respected but there are those who have a little, just, you know there’s always a facilitator it’s not about hierarchy and power I’m not the facilitator, I’m an advisor, I’ve been down this road before it’s very much the understanding.


So have you been sitting on this council for a long time?



How many are on the council?

I see 13.


What do these beings look like?

They are a light being. These beings look like extremely fast moving energy of light. If they take on a form in order to have themselves understood it’s more formless, shimmering would be a good description as opposed to having a body, extremely fast moving intelligence.


Can you then tell us about the discussion you are having because there is probably something there that is important for you to know, what was decided about the opposing consciousness?

There are two topics; the decision made as far as council and free will- free will must be maintained as much as possible. For both the matter and nature of earth and for humanity of planet earth. There’s two ways of dealing with it. The earth itself has full consciousness, has full permission to do what she needs to do and we’re talking about extreme activity, it brings relief, it blows off negative influence or residue, that’s a better word for it.


Ok, you’re talking about earth mother (releasing) in the form of earth changes?

Yes, and those can be earthquakes, storms, that can be anything that would appear to be the earth shaking off residue, that’s one way, that’s not the only way and that’s what the discussion is about, so there’s permission being allowed for that.

Humanity also has permission to behave in the way that it wants to behave other than annihilation. This discussion today is non-inhalation even the topic of genocide is extremely upsetting to this council. Even one race, even one species being lost is noted and it’s extremely upsetting and the discussion very much involves things such as- if a race is being destroyed what do we do? And the boundaries go a little bit further when it comes to if a whole quadrant of the globe was to be erased. That’s what this discussion is about. So long and short on that allot of permission is still being given, but anything that appears to be inhalation will be intervened.


Can you describe or explain to me what type of intervention would be used?

There will actually be appearances from Et’s, outside species in the event that a nuclear warhead is armed, so that’s a very basic example but very specific example as well. And they will intervene in other ways for others, say genocide.

That’s where a lot of responsibility is and part of my own decision making process on this council is the agreement to yes, go back and influence with as wide spread opportunity as possible. This will be a very solid reason that will be understood as to why I moved so strongly into the arts. I needed to go into film in particular, because I could have been in a band or painted, or live theater if I was only interested in the craft, but it was more than that I was moving into film which is a world wide exposure and I have had world wide exposure and a big part of this topic has been understanding (client’s) purpose because we’ve reached a point of having a certain level of exposure, but not knowing my own ideology and purpose has caused the brakes to be put on so sorting that out which this (session) is a part of would be helpful. (client is beginning to get the message that there is a much grander purpose to their life than they suspected).


So at this point is this council going to help you plan the life, the incarnation that you’re in now?

Yes, to refer back to a part of the conversation on what type of intervention is agreed on, so it was agreed unanimously that humanity can have free will but that we are willing to step in, not just myself but many, many, many, are willing to step in to change the tide of the will of humanity.


Would that be the purpose of this incarnation?



Can you explain that further, what has been decided in this incarnation?

Humanity needs to be liberated and that’s not a new story. Humanity needs to wake up to their own individual power, power is not an aggressive power, it’s their own innate capability. This is what we are talking about here. Their own innate capability is strongest when it comes from a place of love, understanding, purpose, forgiveness, attachment to source. Those are the areas that we hope to see humanity wake to. If you wake humanity to those things they do not feel the need to wipe out their neighbor or their home planet, or to a need to attach meaning through judgment, the list goes on and on. That’s what we’re hoping to accomplish.


Is that why there are so many people who have incarnated and are living lives as humans who have never incarnated on this planet before?

Correct, some will be directly from this council, and when I say 13, it’s a representation a number but it’s certainly not a representation of the amount of beings present and aware and incarnated, it’s a representative number that makes decisions.


I’ve had people who say they are living many different types of lives in the universe and they heard a calling, and so would these beings be a part of this council or did they just hear the call of this council?

They are part of the council in the sense that we are not made up of one being and to further simplify on that the call went out from humanity and from earth herself and because we are all one we all made the call and I heard myself call, I answered my own call.


So the purpose in this life that you have now is to help to wake people up, to their true identity and you’re doing this through the widest possible means through film?

Correct, that’s one of the avenues for sure. The message needs to be awakening and the message needs to be a return to wholeness, that’s why the emphasis on healing and the healing emphasis won’t only be emotional and it won’t only be physical. That’s why the phrase return to wholeness.


This client lately has been expanding on the healing work they began a few years ago, taking some courses etc. Lately they have been receiving what client calls ideas and writing them down, HC said they are actually chapters. This is one of the “ideas” the client will be teaching-I’m not sure I understand this completely, but here’s what they said:

(Client) will have a message and the message will be- we are all healers. There’s long been dialogue and discussion from healers and practitioners, who will say I am not the healer, and we understand what that means, it means there is a source outside, but that message can change now. It can become- I am a healer, and there’s no arrogance or hierarchy in that.

We look at it the same way as if a person was to say, I don’t heal anyone. We on the council see that exactly the same as a person saying- I don’t love anyone. They are one and the same, so when a person says I love, you are loving, you are healing, you are wholly, you are mending, you are bringing to wholeness and a person from our perspective on the council has every right and even responsibility to acknowledge and say, I am a healer and I heal in the same way that I love.

When you hug a child, that is love in motion and if you hug them enough you will change their life. When you realize that you do the same with the intention to heal you will change lives. This will be the central point of (client’s) message. And even some of the practitioners in the new age thought and even some of the light workers will struggle with this and we are really going to put a gentleness in the delivery of this. The (client) has got enough strength to stand up in the face of opposition and enough humility to speak to those who are open.


As practitioners we always say we don’t want ego in the way of healing- but I know that when I can do my healing work from a place of love for that person the healing is so much more effective, it’s easier and so when I’m teaching Reiki is this something I should explain to my students as well?

Yes, please do and there’s two fold to this we haven’t covered. You will understand innately the first part, I sense that you already know what I’m talking about, that there is no ego or arrogance here, that from our position on the council this is already happened, in the sense that when a person says I love, that a person is saying I heal, it’s the same, its two pillars that hold up the same roof healing and love.

What we want people to understand is that they are a healer, should they choose to be. You either heal or you don’t, but you now know that you have that ability and light workers will understand it as responsibility. You are either doing one or the other just like love, you’re either loving or you’re not, and that’s your scale. You could say you’re either loving or rejecting and you fall somewhere on that scale, it’s the same with healing you’re either healing or your destroying, that’s the furthest ends of the scale and you’re in the middle somewhere but you’re either healing or you’re not, and your choice and your intent, how you carry yourself, how you speak, how you love, will all influence what level of the scale you are on, but you cannot not be on the scale.

Just like perhaps in the 1940-50’s a family man could say well I just don’t show love, more understood at that time frame than it is now, same thing has happened with healing, the days of saying I don’t heal are over, we can move past that now.


Everyone on the planet is a healer?



We don’t need any training to be a healer?

Correct, it’s a big topic it will take some time. In essence when we say we love someone we know that even then we are only channeling the love of source that would be an accurate depiction of loving someone. We don’t create the energy of love necessarily.


Memory Wash

This client has some memories from their past childhood that are hindering them in stepping into their plan for this life. The HC removed only those memories that do not serve the client in any way now to help (client) move forward- they call it “Negative residue”.

The negative residue we will wash away, this is actually a very simple process a returning to the natural state, like wiping a window,


Could this be done by everyone?

Yes it could be, I’m glad this was brought up this is actually brand new when (client) hears this one.

It’s washing the memory, we’re leaving all things pertinent and important (memories). It’s washing, through the intention of removing residue by radiating the acceptance that we all knew and had before incarnating here. It’s not a complicated process at all and when a person engages they will know what I mean.


Is this something that I can do when I have a client here?

Yes, it’s something that you will enjoy doing with yourself as well, do it in a meditative state. Name it what you want which has meaning for you. You want it to tap into what is the appreciation that is inherent in you and that every being has for you before you incarnate here so if you remember that, it will enter into your meditative state and you will feel it.


If everyone could do that it would wash away a lot of issues people get bogged down in.

Very true and the differentiation between residue and what some people will immediately leap to- are they washing away karma? We just want to explain karma is just a word, but in the understanding of the word if it’s a working through of a life plan or a purpose it doesn’t get washed away but if it’s a residue, negative residue yes it does.

This would be a good thing to do over time, it doesn’t have to be a daily practice, there are times, situations, even locations where we come away feeling a little bit of negative residue this would be a good process.

This can be turned on as well on a sub conscious or on a support level. Let’s say you were going into an environment that you knew was going to be unpleasant this can be all kinds of different things you can have this going on in the background while you’re present.


Would this be the same sort of thing as I teach my students to visualize a waterfall washing over your energy? Or is that more of a surface cleaning?

That’s a little more of a surface, but it’s the exact same intention. What will strengthen that metaphor will be to include the words- inherent appreciation and appreciation that you knew before you incarnated. When a person attaches to those attributes it strengthens it and we realize that lots of people are not going to want to attach to the inherent value that they had before they came to this planet, but words to that effect.

Before we come here we know that we are absolutely loved and appreciated by every piece of life form that surrounds us, the air loves us the ground loves us the being next to us loves us, our memory love us back, that’s a whole other topic to speak on. We often think in this incarnation on planet earth we either love or don’t love our memories. In other places our memories love us. It takes time to understand that but when you can come to the idea that not only do you love your memory but your memory exists and loves you for it.


Does our memory think of us as creators?

Yes very good point.


Was there a question not asked that you would have liked to answer?

We answered the lack of a question when we talked about the council, but the question would have been a great question-Why do I feel I have come with purpose from a place of high decision making ability?, but (client) didn’t want to express that because the question might sound like why do I feel special? Or important? and the answer is- because we all are, and the more that we can embrace that the better this place is going to be.



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A Chat With Jesus, Intervention on Free Will, Healing, Memory Wash

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