* Forgiveness In the Between Lifetime State and Its Power to Heal

Everyone seems to experience profoundly similar, yet different experiences when they’re in the between lifetime state and I’ve come to realize that just as we create our lives here in the conscious state, we also create what we experience in the between lifetime state.We tend to experience what we expect, or what we’ve experienced between our other lives and it usually seems familiar.

Probably the most important aspect of exploring this state is the possibility for a greater understanding and therefore emotional healing of relationship issues.Lately, before we leave this state I have been asking to go to the time when the client is planning the lifetime they are living now.When a person is in trance state or hypnosis this switching of scenes is effortless and instant.Also it’s interesting to note that if I ask questions about something pertaining to future experiences

or people the client hasn’t yet experienced in this life, the answers will not be given.We are told that this information would interfere with the client’s free will or choice in this life.

This between lifetime state is probably the most powerful, yet easiest method of helping a client with relationship issues because here in this planning process they are setting up the events and the players in the life they are living now.We have a plan, a purpose in mind, and we have something we want to learn.Once in body we don’t remember any of this, the blinders are on.

When we are in the planning process we are usually with our close soul cluster.These are the souls we incarnate with most often and are very near and dear to us.When the client recognizes their soul cluster again the happiness they exude in coming into contact with them is palpable.Sometimes we may even become aware of others from another soul group or souls that are in the periphery of their main soul cluster.This is a very powerful time when we are clearly seeing exactly what our intentions are and the intentions of those loving souls around us

A client came to me a year or so ago who has experienced very challenging family relationships all their life. These follow a theme of belittling, a lack of respect, support and even validity from their closest family members in this life.Those who we would naturally look to for support. This client is a very accomplished professional who works with individuals to improve their life, I would consider this person a healer. This person has had a total of three QHHT sessions with me to resolve this relationship issue and a habit which I hope to write about in the future.

In their first session I explained how we plan our life and ask those close to us in our soul cluster to play certain parts in the incarnation to help us learn.I explained that those who accept the role of villain in our life are often our closest friends who love us the most on the other side.These souls will accept these roles not because they want to, it’s actually very difficult for them…..Think about this for a moment, think about a person in your life now who you love and trust unconditionally.It may be a parent, child, partner, friend.Then imagine them asking you to hurt them physically, mentally and emotionally.How do you feel about this?Is this a part you would jump at the chance to play? I think not.Please understand that in the spirit state another soul will accept this villainous roll because they love us and they want to help us to learn and evolve and ultimately it is hoped that we will find that we can forgive.

Forgiveness is probably THE most important and hoped for outcome. Forgiveness wipes the slate clean and signifies that we have truly passed the test, learned the lesson.Forgiveness also changes the client’s life and relieves them of an enormous weight.

During this person’s first session I explained all of this to them, they shot back “Oh Marilyn, that just doesn’t help at all”. I knew then that this concept would be a hurdle for them and I hoped that they would one day be able to accept this and understand it.In this first session we didn’t go to that pre-planning event in the between life state.

I was overjoyed a month later in their second session when we spontaneously found ourselves at the point where they were pre-planning the life they were living now.I hadn’t asked to go there, the Higher Consciousness automatically took them there.This confirmed for me that this was something they NEEDED to understand.

This client identified their close relatives in this life as being in the closest soul group and I could feel the excitement and joy they were experiencing just connecting with them again in this form.After the roles had been cast and everything was set I asked this client “What are you feeling, what is the overriding emotion as you look at each being in this group.“Love”, they said crying and in that moment I knew that they “got it” and they were well on their way to forgiveness and lasting healing. After some tidying up in the third session I can truly say this person has begun a new life.They are now happy and self assured and busier than ever in their career and social settings.They’re family members are still there but no longer have the emotional impact they once held over this client and in some cases the relationship has improved.

Another client wanted to find out what the purpose of their stepmother was in their life.Although decades removed this person could still feel the hatred directed towards them as a child.I also explained to them how we see the role villains play in our life much more clearly in the between lifetime state and that forgiveness is so much easier also.This client told me that at this point they just wanted some understanding of the situation, forgiveness was completely out of the question.

When we got to that magical part in the between lifetime state my client was overjoyed at seeing so many close relatives, the happiness just radiated.When I asked if there was anyone else there they immediately saw their stepmother and they said “And you know what, she’s beaming with love ….oh, how could I not see that?” This client was expressing through tears how they now understood what this old very dear friend was helping them to learn.When I asked if they could now forgive the stepmother the client said “You know what, there’s nothing to forgive, she did exactly what I needed.” Beautiful! It is such an honor to be able to help someone reach this deep level understanding and of course forgiveness.

Forgiveness is often sought in our lives; we instinctively know its important, but unconditional forgiveness isn’t easy.Forgiveness never benefits the villains in your life.They don’t even need to know.The only person forgiveness helps is you, you alone. If you can imagine carrying around an elephant or a 10 story building on your shoulders all your life can you imagine the relief felt when that elephant or building is released with forgiveness?

I believe it’s important to remember we plan every detail of our lives, yes even the not so good parts.We don’t remember when we’re here of course, but that doesn’t change the fact, and if we can step back from some of our difficult situations and try our best to objectively and honestly look at the situation and the person and ask….”Why did I put this in my path?”and “What is this person showing me about myself?”Then with clear eyes look at ourselves, really look and see what it is that we hope to learn by having this person in our lives the release can be life altering.

This is one of many types of situations when hypnosis can be helpful because while it is difficult to see clearly in the normal waking state, hypnosis offers us an easier almost effortless method for reaching this clear sighted understanding.

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Forgiveness In The Between Lifetime State and its Power to heal

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