* 2012- Ascension/Shift and Time Lines

Dolores Cannon You Tube on 2012 -

 Everyone is curious to know what’s going to happen with this ascension - shift in consciousness - end of the Mayan calendar thing we’re in the midst of.I admit I’m interested too.It’s hard not to wonder what exactly will happen and how it will impact those living on this planet.
There are so many divergent opinions about what, if anything will happen, information is everywhere you look and it seems to be building in momentum.Even those who have never given it a thought before are wondering why they feel like something big is about to happen.
Every once in a while during a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session the Higher Consciousness (HC) offers to answer one of my questions.
I’m not good at forming questions off the cuff, not that I’m not curious, it’s just hard to nail it down to one or two subjects.So I will usually fall back on the big 2012 question reasoning that this is information the client would like to know about as well.
Most of the time the HC will tell us that the “Shift” has been ongoing for several years now and it will take from 2 to 3 years longer to complete.Sometimes I will get a more detailed answer……
When I asked one client’s HC if ascension was coming up soon the HC said:
(HC in bold)
I don’t know what you want to call soon.
Within months? –No.
Within years? – Yes. Its still what you think is slow.
It’s not an instant thing is it?- No.
It’s a slow progression?- Yes.
I know there’s a lot of people now that think it’s going to be an instant change, Some think its going to be a negative change and others think it’s going to be a positive, but its going to be slow?- Yes.
So I think they’regoing to have a big surprise on Dec 22? (Meaning those that believe in the end of the world on December 21st). – Yes, technology is going to be the thing that messes everyone up.
Really?What about technology is going to mess everyone up?- Oh this planet’s alignment is going to screw a few things up in the atmosphere, people are going to be lost without they’re cell phones.
Oh, I see- a few days? And is that coming up soon?- Yes.
Within a month?- No, in Dec (2012).
In Dec?- Yes.
So that’s going to happen for a few days when we don’t have the technology? Yes, the satellites are going to be all over the map it will take a little bit to draw them back in.
So it will be more than a few days before we get everything back? –Could be.
When everything is back to normal will it be like it was before?- Yes, It’s all going back to normal, what normal is for everyone.
So what’s the lesson for humanity here? - Don’t depend on devices so much!
Of course if we can’t use our cell phones then it’s quite possible we won’t be able to use our Debit and credit cards either.It may affect the power company’s ability to provide electricity.I’m sure you can think of a few other things we take for granted that would be unavailable. But…..this is not un-manageable, with a little preparation we can manage quite well.
So if this resonates with you it may be prudent to have some extra cash at home, some extra food in the house, batteries.Maybe dust off that old camp stove, or keep the BBQ gas tank full.Have some extra blankets and warm clothes handy and don’t forget those old board games and playing cards- and get that Christmas shopping done early!!
The first thing I thought about this was how quiet it would be without all the buzzing and humming of our electrical gadgets.Peace at last!
I have found the HC’s information to be very accurate for the person it is speaking to, but it is this person’s reality the SC is talking about. I’ve always leaned towards the notion that we each live in our own reality and we build it moment by moment.So you could say we all build probable future/time line realities for ourselves - it’s an on-going thing.
This was made clear for me with another client.This person’s HC was coming through loud and clear.Each question was bringing wonderful information but it just didn’t resonate with me personally.It’s not that I felt it was untrue, from experience I know the HC does not tell un-truths, but for me it didn’t click and I wondered why.
While I’m facilitating a session I am also very connected and communicating with my HC, so I didn’t have to wonder long.Almost as soon as I questioned it the answer came through that this person was on a different time-line from me and that’s why this information didn’t resonate.It’s not that it isn’t possible and even probable for him, just not necessarily probable for me, and I don’t think I can explain it any better at this point.
Like Dolores, we often get new information that we have to try to understand as best we can until we can get another piece of the puzzle to put together.
This person was told…. to learn to live with nothing because there will be a time when he will have nothing.
….He will loose his job within two years.
Loose his job, why?Everyone will loose their jobs (because of the economy)
The world will be a much different place.
What will happen?-Armies.
Will this area (Vancouver) be occupied by an army? -Yes.
Where does this army come from? -Canada.
What are they (army) going to do? -Put people in their houses.
Why would they do that? -Trying to avoid chaos.
What is making things chaotic? -Marshal Law.
Why does the government feel it needs to bring in Marshal Law? -There’s no work.
So, when there’s no work are the people going to be angry and revolt? -Very.There will be a civil war.
When will the Marshal Law be lifted? -In Ten years.
That’s a long time, how are the people going to live? –Gardens- live off the land.
Will there ever be time when the people will govern themselves? Yes, in 16 years, the people will be successful.
This scenario may resonate with you, or not.My point is that there are many different scenarios out there and no one can truthfully say which if any is “The One”. I think this is because it’s “all” possible and it truly is unique to you!
Maybe we will all be so wrapped up expecting some momentous event that we won’t recognize the shift when it finally does happen.For some reason this resonates with me so I'll stick with it!
One thing for sure, these are interesting times we’re in.I keep saying I’m going to have some T-shirts printed up soon with the words“I lived through December 21, 2012 and all I got was this T-shirt!”
I’ll keep you posted.
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2012- Ascension/Shift and Time Lines

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