* Consciousness IS Everything, and EVERYTHING is Consciousness

And Everything is all Very Simple....

 Or more simply put, we ARE all one.I think we’ve all heard this concept before, it's featured in most religions.It is generally accepted but do you believe and know this to be true, I mean really feelknow – and believe at a core level?Do you believe at the very core of your being that you are exactly the same as say an ant, or a mountain, or a drop of water?
I think we can understand it at a conscious level because it’s generally accepted and most of us want to play nice in the sandbox so we try to live our lives according to this concept. After all what we do to someone else really will come back to us…..right?
Something has changed, did you notice it?
Something has changed that has helped me to solidified this belief to a point where I would say it is now stone. I don’t say that lightly because I never like to say I absolutely know something to be the truth, it puts me on the spot and if I change my mind or tweak it a little I may appear wishy-washy about what I believe in. I don’t want to appear to be dogmatic either, I’m quite happy to allow others their beliefs as long as they allow me mine.But as I said something gelled for me this past year (2012) and the force behind this was the QHHT hypnosis sessions I’ve been doing and those amazing people that I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

I always tell the client before we start the hypnosis part of the session that they may not go to a life as human. I do this because I don’t want them to be startled while in hypnosis with the realization that they are experiencing an existence as something other than human. In fact I have had many clients who have gone to lives or maybe expressions would be a better term, that in no way resemble anything they are experiencing in their human life now.Sometimes after working with someone who went to a life as stone, plant, crystal, insect, animal, color, water, air, mist, light, ET, or simply consciousness, I will think to myself, “Well, now I really know what it’s like to be Dolores”This is just the sort of thing Dolores writes about in her Convoluted Universe books, and if I’m experiencing sessions like this you can bet most of the other practitioners around the globe are experiencing the same, but why?

Oh Those Monkeys!
I like to think of it as a sign of our collective evolvement to date.You know the hundredth monkey principle, where after a certain number of monkeys learn to do something then all the monkeys know it. Not because they were taught to do it, or watched the other 99 do it, but by somehow evolving in mass they were all able to know how to do it.
If you look around you haven’t you noticed there is more community lately?People are setting aside those petty competitive attitudes and have embraced sharing in very beautiful, uplifting and supportive ways.I know what you’re thinking, we have always done that and yes you’re right, I’m just seeing more of it and I love it!
It seems to me that more people are realizing that they are living in a world of abundance rather than lack.They are realizing that when we come together we are so much more than the sum of our parts.People are realizing that by connecting and supporting each other they are becoming stronger themselves as they watch others become stronger too, and they seem to know without vocalizing it that we are ALL ONE. It seems to be understood and lived on a day to day level. People may not talk about it, but they're feeling it and they're living it in their daily lives without putting too much thought into it, it seems automatic, comfortable, like they've always been this way. Like they're walking their talk.
Communing with the ants
It’s not just the past lives as ants mountains or a drop of water that has helped me realize that consciousness is everything and everything is consciousness. Although the concept that we create everything in and around us has been on the radar for a while now in the past year I’ve had clients who aren't just talking about this, but they know, not just believe, but know that everything that we think of as outside ourselves is actually our very own creation and, it is all made up out of the same thing. One described it as nothingness, and this nothingess is all there is. This is as real for them as your nose is to you, they live it.
So if this reality only appears real, maybe consciousness decided to play a game…to experience itself…...maybe it was bored? I don't know, but these people were eloquently expressing exactly what had been running through my head of late, and to me it felt like a light bulb had gone on. Think about this; if you step back through all the layers of complexity that you have built you will arrive at the same place as everything else- consciousness.
We are not who we think we are, we are just consciousness, and if you allow all the exptra stuff you've created to fall away you soon see that all you need to do is to BE. I'm in the process of wrapping my head aroud that one, may take a while, but I have eternity!
So Where Does That Leave Us?
Right where we want to be.
At first I was concerned that once I knew that nothing is real it's just nothingness I would want to opt out of the game.What’s the point in continuing I thought, I won’t actually go anywhere anyway because there’s no place to go, everything is nothingness right? Then I realized that I could know that everything is nothingness or consciousness, and still delight in participating in my creation as long as I wanted, what fun, and if it isn’t fun, then I could change it and make it fun, it's my choice and it’s that simple, really it is 🙂
About 10 years ago I was day dreaming (very important work!)And all of a sudden I knew the answer to every question I ever had, and I’ve had a lot.I knew how the universe worked, what reality is made of, why I’m here, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and I thought….. Wow!Then Poof! It was all gone and I was left with just one remembered thought, and that was that everything is all very simple.I’ve never forgotten that and it’s kept at the back of my mind always.Someday I hope to remember the other stuff!
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Consciousness IS Everything and EVERYTHING is Consciousness.....

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