* Coincidence?….Not !

When I ask my Quantum Healing Hypnosis clients what brought them to me I hear many different stories.
Some say they’ve been coming back to this web site over months, sometimes even years and now it just seemed right.One person didn’t know how they found my site it simply came up on their computer screen one day when they were surfing the net.They checked it out and thought it would be interesting.Many say they found me through Dolores Cannon’s web site http://dolorescannon.com/ .They often say that when they looked over the list of practitioners for the Vancouver area curiously, my name just “jumped out” or they had a “good feeling” when they saw it.
The stories go on and on, but in all of them I’ve found one common thread; Everyone believes they have purposefully planned the appointment all by themselves!
Over the years I’ve come to know that for those who are meant to come nothing was random.Many times we have a little chuckle together because when we look back on the events that brought them to me you can see how their Higher Consciousness or Higher Self has schemed, and planned, cajoled, and sometimes even pushed them behind the scenes to set events in motion that result in a QHH session.
We may laugh about it, but it serves to make us aware that nothing in our lives comes by chance.Everything is pre-planned and it all flows with clockwork precision without our even being aware of it.
As I tell my clients, the Higher Consciousness always knows exactly what it wants to tell/show them in their session.Often it’s been trying to get through to us for a very long time, but we ignore the feeling or idea it gives us and we pass it off as just another random thought!
I’ve learned that everything goes smoother when we just let the Higher Consciousness “do its thing”. The HC always knows exactly what a person needs and if we step out of the way and allow, the results are positively magical!
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