* A Clearer Connection to the Higher Self

Many years ago I read that one of the most important things humanity must do as we approach this shift in consciousness is to embody a larger portion of our Higher Selves.There are many names for this part of us and I’m sure you can add a few more to this list; Source, God, Over soul, Higher Consciousness….etc.When we Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioners ask in session what it would like to be called it will tell you it doesn’t matter what you call it because it’s all the same…It is all…it is one.
The idea is that when we incarnate we bring a very small packet of our Higher Self to embody with us, and I’m of the understanding that as our vibrations evolve and shift ever higher/faster we are able to embody a larger packet of this Higher Self.
When I took my training in Quantum Healing Hypnosis with Dolores Cannon I learned that one of the most important aspects of this work is not so much the past life information, but many times it’s the contact with the Higher Self that brings the knowledge, answers, understanding and healing.This part of us knows everything about us and every lifetime we have ever lived, every thought, every action.I like to think of it as a massive bank of Universal knowledge that we all have little extension cords hooked up to.Most of us don’t understand or believe that we can access this knowledge 24/7…..all of us, every one of us, did I mention that we are all hooked up to this knowledge?I like to think that right now we’re evolving bigger extension cords that can handle more data??
Like many I realized that this is what I have had contact with (fleetingly) over my entire lifetime.I’ve thought of it as my guardian angel, guides, god, goddess, spirit helpers….etc.I‘ve tried to make myself more aware, more sensitive to its communications because I’ve found repeatedly that when I follow its advice it never fails me.
Of course we know we all have something called “free will” it’s one of the rules of this game we’ve set up.This free will we all enjoy is allowed to get in the way and veto the advice the Higher Self gives us, that’s the way the game is played. What I’ve noticed is that when I veto the Higher Self’s advice it never turns out well for me.Have you ever noticed this?
Here’s a practical (yawn) example from my life.When I’m doing the laundry my Higher Self will always inform me when there is a tissue in the load before I put the lid down and start the machine…..always.This has been going on for years and years and I’ve learned to listen and follow its advice because when I choose to ignore the warning I end up with bits of tissue through the entire load and you know what that’s like!
Now I always stop and check when I get the warning, even when I know there couldn’t possibly be a tissue in any of the clothes in that load (there’s no pockets!) I will humor the Higher Self and check and as luck would have it, I will find a tissue or a scrap of tissue hidden somewhere, EVERY TIME – without fail.
The actual warning isn’t some loud commanding voice like you read about in the Bible, it’s not that easy.It is instead a very, very subtle “knowing”, so subtle it’s easily ignored.I would normally pass it off as just my imagination.
Over the years I’ve tried my best to become more sensitive to these communications when they come, and I wish I could give you some tips, or at least a step by step program to start you off, but it’s much simpler than that.All you need to do to become more sensitive to this is just acknowledge this subtle knowing, that’s it, couldn’t get any simpler….not!
In our day to day life we are so bombarded by noise, confusion and the wants and needs of ourselves and those around us that most of us couldn’t detect subtle if it hit us on the head!
This is the paradox.How do you quiet yourself enough to detect the communications of your Higher Self, while in the middle of chaos and still navigate your normal day-to-day life?
They say for every question there is an answer, so here it is…..Meditation.“Ugh!” I hear you think, “I don’t have time for that!”Well first you need to change your beliefs around time, but that’s another topic for later.For now just know (don’t think, or stress about it), just know, that you have all the time you need.And, you have free will, so you can choose exactly how much time you would like to spend in meditation.It can be 2 hours, or 5 minutes.It makes absolutely no difference.
You can sit in full lotus position, sit on the couch, on the floor, or lay in your bed. You can meditate while jogging, walking, swimming or any other form of individual exercise or dance. You can blank your mind, think of something wonderful, look at a picture or a beautiful scene, say a mantra, or just let random thoughts enter and leave, it doesn’t matter.You can close your eyes and see colors, lights and prophetic visions, or leave your eyes open and simply day dream.In case you haven’t understood me yet, I’ll repeat it again….IT DOESN’T MATTER!All that matters is that you do this regularly, and it’s all meditation.Now that is easy isn’t it?
Meditation is the best way to foster sensitivity to the constant communication from that divine part of you that wants to help you be successful in the life you are living now, and there’s a bonus that comes with this.You will find with regular meditation, you will get better at it, you will actually look forward to it and you will find the stress and general turmoil of your life will start to melt away and if it doesn’t leave entirely, at least the volume of your stress and chaos will be turned down to the point where it will become very subtle, and you will find yourself ignoring it..... probably just your imagination anyway.
They say when we pray, we’re asking God for something, when we meditateGod speaks to us, and believe God/Source/Higher Self....... has a lot to say!
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A Clearer Connection to the Higher Self

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