WOW! I have had so many emotions since my session from blown away to disbelief!

***You can read about a part of this client's session in the blog titles "The Adventures of a Drop of Water" 

Hello Marilyn,

WOW I have had so many emotions since my session from blown away to disbelief!
I vowed to take the advice that was given by sub conscious and try it for a month. It has been 2 weeks but I can say that seriously the heartburn left as soon as I quit eating cheese. I thought it was strange that I had to quit eating cheese because I did not think I ate much. When I checked my fridge it was a realization that cheese was in almost every meal. So the heartburn is completely gone, teeth issues are gone, knee problem is gone and I feel like I am really losing weight too.
There was a lot to take in and so I am tackling everything slowly.
I do communicate with my water and I have about 5 friends who are talking to their water now too. It does make a difference to eat and drink with intention.
I was really ill for 4 days and I think that was just my physical body catching up with my spiritual body.
I am still really digesting the whole session I had with you. I feel more in control and decisive now too.  I really wanted to write and say thank you and let you know how I am adjusting.
I am very grateful for the session, I know that when we were sitting and talking I said I had no expectations, but I guess I kind of did. My past lives were not what I was expecting at all. However my sub conscious knows me well and as a result I really did some soul searching and the session was just what I needed.
When people tell me their problems or gossip I am thinking in my head,  just be the filter, you do not have to solve their problems let it go right through you and into the atmosphere. I have thought of that little cloud a lot. How it takes the pollution and filters it and it does not hang on to anything. I just let it go.
As for the water, that was one happy drop of water. I aspire to be that free, brave and easy going.
So thank you for the wonderful day,