I am forgiving of myself.

The session gave me...........insights for clarity with members in my past and current life. Resistance to myself and my life is gone. I am forgiving of myself. .....I love how comfortable I was in the chair and how well you asked the questions to get as much (information) possible from the Higher Self.......I feel past life regressions are an excellent tool for personal growth and finding pieces of the puzzle of why we are here in this life.                                                       

 .....Especially amazing to me was what happened in one of my sessions. I was a shaman in the Pacific Northwest at a time before the white man and you asked me how old a student had to be before I’d accept him/her as an apprentice. Immediately I “saw” a hand held up with the fingers and thumbs spread so you could clearly see the five digits and I answered without thinking “three hands”. I have never seen or heard that way of saying 15 in all my lifetime and it came so fast and so obvious and natural, that I was in the village, beside the fire at that moment in saying that and the entire process of past life regression changed instantly changed from being “possibly a useful dream/imagination exercise” to a real past life experience

....... you make it a very pleasant, un-stressful, relaxing time, yet also a wonderful discovery, awareness and personal expansion experience. I had read in Dolores’s book that should anyone suffer an injury in her regressions that they could be “distanced” from the discomfort so when I experienced the excruciating pain of my ankle being crushed by a rock slide in Machu Pichu – you helped me separate myself from the pain, continue the general lifetime experience and bring the lesson of then to me in this life.

58 yr old male professional