Knowing that i could trust you

Knowing that i could trust you was monumental on how much i could let go of myself to really commit myself. You made me feel like there was no time limit so i could talk as in depth as i wanted so to me there was no fast or slow it was however long as it took you gave me. Although i will say the whole process does take awhile and if you want to be in and out in a certain time then i believe you will lose something. I also liked the fact that you let me have breaks to go to the bathroom to get a drink of water to have a smoke those breaks not only let me do those things but also let my mind relax so other questions would come to me that you always welcomed

....  i was in Egypt building pyramids the profound feeling of love meant something that i am trying to understand but as i listened to that part it gave me the feeling that their was something more there that needs to be thought about

....after i was sort of in a state of euphoric it was like a dream state yet i was totally aware of everything and totally coherent but i do remember driving away with a smile on my face and thinking that what i got out of it was way above what i could comprehend and that's why i say that even today i am still learning from the experience

..... i found that the information was more profound than i thought it would be. it wasn't black or white it was more about who i am rather than who i thought i was also for a couple of weeks after i was what you might say supercharged but even today i can say that i am still learning from that experience and its been about 3 months