My skin is amazing!

Hi Marilyn,Just giving you an update...

 My skin is amazing! I went off my meds and was a little hesitant but can't believe how amazing it is.   My problems are gone. Even my eczema is clear. I've had this for most of my life trying everything and after that session its gone. A miracle some would say but we both know the real reason. Still waiting about my liver. My next homeopath app is tomorrow so I'm hoping it will be closer to be balanced.

 I feel that my intuition has improved and people are starting to seek me out. My psychic reader is coming to me for a reading now. Lol.  Just sorting out the job situation  to allow for my business to grow.

I've seen great progress with my mom. She is more active and getting herself together.  (We had done a surrogate healing for her mom during the client's session) 

I would like to make another app in the future. A few things to cover but all in all very pleased with the session  and the results. Things I've been dealing with for years were solved in one session. Unbelievable!!

Thanks Marilyn!!!