calm and sure about myself..

Hey Marilyn!

I just wanted to take the time to thank you again for my session. It took me a little while for it all really sink in, I think I was like in awe and shock of actually being the one going through it and being able to have such a cool experience! So thank you again since the dust has settled I don't think I've been more calm and sure about myself.. Ever. I am much more proactive and have found both a creative outlet by selling glam flower vases that I hand make to bring in some money while I'm doing the last of my free sessions ????. Then I'll hopefully be on a plane off to take level 2! ????
I'm really appreciative of all the time you spent with me and also giving me different outlooks on some of my already done sessions.I am really glad to have met you and will take your advise and wisdom into my future sessions!
I hope our paths will cross again some day, please take care.
SK- QHHT Practitioner