I feel like I have a new body.

Dear Marilyn,

Firstly I want to thank you for being a channel of light and healing. I had a wonderful session. After I came home and took a small nap and afterwards felt very rejuvenated. I don't feel the usual shoulder pain and my back pain is also gone. In fact I feel like I have a new body. Haven't felt the pain on the left side of the brain either.
Also, yesterday while talking to you initially, I noticed mucus welling up in the throat area (I have suffered from Tonsilitis before). Although later it cleared up and as I was driving home, it felt totally clear like haven't felt in recent years.
I do feel quite energetic today and I'll make it a point to listen to the recording so as to be able to go beyond the healing.
And I really enjoyed meeting and talking to you. Will keep you posted with future healing.
With love and light,