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Hi Marilyn,
I would like to thank you for my session last Monday.
My experience was beyond expectations and I couldn’t have experienced that much if it wasn’t with you.
You are one of a kind practitioner and one of a kind person.
Your warm and welcoming atmosphere was so touching.
Your very thorough and thoughtful guiding during the hypnosis was extra amazing.
You are extremely experienced and extremely intuitive.
It was a life changing experience that I was shown the New Earth during the session.
New Earth has been only a conceptual thing for me until that day. But now it became my true reality.
I'm very excited about what will unfold in my life from now.
And I liked your cozy home very much.
I haven’t heard the recording yet but I will, once everything I experienced during the session is settled within me.
Thank you so much once again for the most beautiful experience and I wish you a joyful autumn and winter.
I hope to talk with you in the future again !



Thank you again so much for the session and your time! 

I had a blast talking with you and picking your brain about things as all of this fascinates me so very much.

By the way, I was telling a friend about my slave life/Vision and the chain around my neck and she reminded me that that’s probably tied to this life because if i have anything around my neck I don’t like it and things like shirts that are tight around my neck I get very uncomfortable and almost panic with.

I also have a habit of grabbing the chest area of my shirt and pulling it away from my body throughout the day if it feels tight or restricted and I noticed that the entire day I didn’t do that today so thought would share that!



The session with you was so profound! after leaving I was riding this euphoric wave and boy did I feel fully open. The healing work and activation is something that I feel is still in process and I'm still integrating everything that came forward, I feel like that was the tip of the iceberg of the true massive powers that reside within me and i got a taste of that yesterday. When I got home and settled I felt very very tired and spent, felt like I had been on a very very long hike or some kind of strenuous activity all day long, I had this slight headache feeling that wasn't quite a headache, I'm sure it was from the downloads, activations and healing work that had took place in the brain and sacred mind. 
 Through the night my stomach felt better and today that feeling of inflammation and slight tummy ache has settled and pretty much gone away. 
Last night out of curiosity I googled Andromedan star seeds and some very very interesting images and information came up. What I seen (during the session) was a dark silhouette of tall slim armed and slim bodied beings with what I thought were gill like things on their head and the color violet surrounding them. In the past I've never done any research on Andromedans or seen what they look like or any colors associated with them. So when I seen this and read up about traits of Andromedan star seeds I was very shocked.. some of the traits don't quite relate to me and some are extremely relatable and explain alot of what I've been experiencing over the past number of year now.
I will also try and go deeper with that cowboy experience and see what more I can gather in relation to that.
I will update you over the days and weeks in relation with my stomach and over mental wellness. 
I'll stay in touch with you and wanted to thank you for holding space for me in such a gentle, kind and loving way ! 
Sending Lots of Love and Light !

Hi Marilyn,

I thought I’d give you an update on our hypnosis session we did together. It’s been a very interesting ride since then, I feel fundamentally changed and am noticing ways that the clarity and guidance I received with your help, are being implemented in my day to day life.

I definitely feel an increased sense of guidance and connection with my invisible helpers and higher self.  I am noticing signs and communication in ways I may have overlooked before, and it always both warms my heart and promotes a sense of awe.

I’m keeping up (more or less) with the recommendations they gave about meditating three times a day to open my pineal gland, and strengthening my gratitude muscles with regular appreciation of all aspects of life that I am able to.

I was absolutely blissed out and completely zen for about 2-3 weeks. Nothing could perturb me and I loved that state.

Very excitingly, since we worked on money blocks and getting over it, I wanted to share that 2 weeks ago I launched my new venture and the response has blown me away! I’ve made almost the same amount of money in the past two weeks as I made in my entire year last year. That’s incredible to me!! They said they would help me find more attractive words to say to people, and also changed my mindset around money, people investing in themselves rather than me “taking” from them as I was thinking previously. I can see all these aspects at work every day, and it’s super cool to be experiencing the transformation.

I’ve been listening to the recording regularly and so grateful to have it. Without it I don’t know how much of the session I would have retained. It’s incredible listening to my higher self talk. It’s my voice but not my voice. It sounds like another person, except it has elements of my voice in it.

I was also very touched to hear your tone and questions guiding the session. You came across as very caring and the times you revisited changes they were making to ensure they were happening was so helpful. You asked for changes to happen, checked back in to see that they were happening and did it all with grace.

I thought I was aware through out the session but now that I listen back I realized it was a partial awareness. It’s absolutely incredible to me that I was able to speak like that.


Hi Marilyn, I want to thank you again for an amazing session. It was more than I ever could have imagined. I keep thinking about the 2 lifetimes that my Higher Self brought forward for me and the lessons in both of them are so relevant to my life today. It is much easier to take decisions out of fear and then regret not having the courage to follow the heart. In the 2nd lifetime I did just that. That taught me a very important lesson, that no matter how scared I will be, when the time comes to take important decisions, I need to find the strength to follow my heart, even if I will not know how the outcome will turn out.

Wishing you a wonderful week and many blessings!

Marilyn, thank you for an amazing and surreal session!

 I'm still processing, everything but I don't think I will ever go back to living in fear and uncertainty as I did before. The stomach problems seem to be gone, and so is the stiffness around the heart.
Had some interesting encounters with animals... in particular a little lizard that let me pick him up and move him; these little guys live in the rocks on our lot, and are quite skiddish, but this one didn't seem to be in a hurry to run away from me.
Thank you for everything, and thank you for all the work that you do for people.

Hi Marilyn,
I continued to drink for a brief period after our session until i realized that it was not having any benefit at  all and all I was experiencing was the toxic effects of the alcohol. At that point I stopped and am now sober for a while now.
I imagine that this is a result of the contract with my Higher Self. There is coming now soon a complete removal of negativity in my life in all forms I feel ,but as the paper you gave me says,this may take awhile to manifest. Thanks again and your thoughts would be much appreciated.



This client's session was held on a Saturday, the following Monday she was scheduled for an ultrasound to investigate a lump on her breast that had been there for about 6 months.  When the session ended I remember her feeling unsure the Higher Self had healed her, some doubt was creeping in but she made the choice to BELIEVE and look at the results!....

Hi Marilyn,

Thank you for the session on Saturday, I had a great time 🙂

Just wanted to let you know I had my ultrasound for the lump on my breast today and they didn't find anything,  They could not feel it or see it on the scan 🙂



***You can read about a part of this client's session in the blog titles "The Adventures of a Drop of Water" 

Hello Marilyn,

WOW I have had so many emotions since my session from blown away to disbelief!
I vowed to take the advice that was given by sub conscious and try it for a month. It has been 2 weeks but I can say that seriously the heartburn left as soon as I quit eating cheese. I thought it was strange that I had to quit eating cheese because I did not think I ate much. When I checked my fridge it was a realization that cheese was in almost every meal. So the heartburn is completely gone, teeth issues are gone, knee problem is gone and I feel like I am really losing weight too.
There was a lot to take in and so I am tackling everything slowly.
I do communicate with my water and I have about 5 friends who are talking to their water now too. It does make a difference to eat and drink with intention.
I was really ill for 4 days and I think that was just my physical body catching up with my spiritual body.
I am still really digesting the whole session I had with you. I feel more in control and decisive now too.  I really wanted to write and say thank you and let you know how I am adjusting.
I am very grateful for the session, I know that when we were sitting and talking I said I had no expectations, but I guess I kind of did. My past lives were not what I was expecting at all. However my sub conscious knows me well and as a result I really did some soul searching and the session was just what I needed.
When people tell me their problems or gossip I am thinking in my head,  just be the filter, you do not have to solve their problems let it go right through you and into the atmosphere. I have thought of that little cloud a lot. How it takes the pollution and filters it and it does not hang on to anything. I just let it go.
As for the water, that was one happy drop of water. I aspire to be that free, brave and easy going.
So thank you for the wonderful day,

Hey Marilyn!

I just wanted to take the time to thank you again for my session. It took me a little while for it all really sink in, I think I was like in awe and shock of actually being the one going through it and being able to have such a cool experience! So thank you again since the dust has settled I don't think I've been more calm and sure about myself.. Ever. I am much more proactive and have found both a creative outlet by selling glam flower vases that I hand make to bring in some money while I'm doing the last of my free sessions ????. Then I'll hopefully be on a plane off to take level 2! ????
I'm really appreciative of all the time you spent with me and also giving me different outlooks on some of my already done sessions.I am really glad to have met you and will take your advise and wisdom into my future sessions!
I hope our paths will cross again some day, please take care.
SK- QHHT Practitioner

Hi Marilyn,
I am so grateful I was able to have a session with you. My
right ear was so plugged with fluid for six months, I was having a very
hard time hearing.  The day after my session with you my ear unplugged.
I went to the doctor the following week and she said my ear looked
normal again.
My acid re-flux isn't as bad either. You made me feel very
comfortable during the session, and I believe that is why I was able to
let go of the blocks, that was causing the problems I was having,
especially with my ear.
Sandra Clark  (with permission)

Thank you again for the great session in January!! You've been so incredibly helpful to me. I can't express my gratitude enough!
The first 10 days after the session with you were quite the roller coaster emotionally, but little by little I am settled down without my shield. I still have butterflies but I feel a lot more sensations from my environment now and therefore seem to be more in touch with my surroundings, I like this feeling and the state I am in! I can also tell when I meditate that I am much more relaxed. I don't have the resistance in my airway I used to, when I meditated previously. I feel much more that I have inner peace.
I really appreciate you telling me about empaths. Yes it seems I am one! I am working on being able to process negativity by turning it into positivity with my breathing, and without anger. I find that focusing on my breath helps me to settle down.
I did have one anger relapse since the session.  Following the relapse, I listened to the recording two days in a row after and it helped. I have listened to the recording several times now.
Thank you for helping me put my life on a positive track! I truly feel I have started down this new, possibly more optimal, path now!!


Hi Marilynn
I saw you 3 years ago with amazing results. I’ve listened to my recording lots of times. I suffered from anxiety my whole life till I saw you.  After visiting you my life completely changed I became a much stronger, happier better person. I even moved....which was predicted in our reading (session).


I love the blog post that you wrote about. Thank you so much again for the session. I feel like my memory is back and just keeps getting better and better, I feel like I do have to do lots of exercises to stay grounded cause I feel like I start to float and get away from my body! My speech is back to my normal! It is pretty incredible.

Hello Marilyn

I want to thank you so much for my healing session.  I thought I would give you an update on how I was doing after my session and I am happy to say that I am feeling completely free of any loneliness or desire to return to the Spirit world!  I don’t even think about it  very much anymore!  Only once did I feel an aching pain but immediately felt my pink shield protecting me.   I feel that there has been a definite shift within me and I feel so much lighter and stronger for it.  I never thought of myself as someone who would bring forward a repeating pattern or be drawn to controlling and dominating men from a past life, but after listening to the audio several times I felt there was so much sadness and loneliness in my past lives that I seem to have carried over into this life.  I feel free of that now; I feel that there has been a closure and I feel confident and I have no doubt that I will ever let it happen again!!

One of the questions I had asked was whether I had ever studied Shamanism in a past life.  And I was surprised to hear my HC say “no” - (I really wanted to hear a yes but it wasn’t to be!)  That puzzled me as I am passionate about the work and that way of life.

....This client's 6 year old grandson has multiple allergies as well as Asbergers, we asked for some help for him during the client's session. I am also happy to report that even though I don’t have evidence yet if (grandson) is free of his allergies (because his Mom has him on a strict diet) – I have to say there’s been an encouraging shift in his behavior around his asperger.  He now will look the traffic guard in the eye and say “good morning” and then say “thank you” after safely crossing; then give his Mom a thumbs up!  He has always looked away when people have spoken to him.  Also when his little brother wants to race or compete in something (it’s always been a battle with the two of them), He now just quietly tells his brother that “this isn’t a competition”, and he walks away.  This is huge for him!

Every time I listen to the audio I learn and remember more.  I can honestly say though that even though I can remember most of the questions, there are few answers that my HC responded to that I can remember what was said.  So I’ve been taking lots of notes and listening to the audio again and again!  Also – I have been meditating daily!

I have completed my poem on “Forgiveness” and I am conscious of my pink shield protecting me and my rose quartz placed in my heart to help me to trust and my little bird to remind me to pay attention to my thoughts and belief system!  Wow – so much to remember!

So once again thank you!!  I’m so happy that my HC brought me to you!  It was a wonderful and enlightening session and I feel that I can finally move forward with confidence, strength and trust!



Hi Marilyn!

Just wanted to give you an update on me - since we met I have not had that part of my heart feeling so scared - that piece of my heart that went 'somewhere else'.. has really gone. I also remember my other lives with such clarity it's beautiful. I have done a lot of different types of therapy and this was one of the most effective ever. I had a message after the fact 'You should have had a pen and paper.' and was thinking that maybe my higher self wanted to write - as I am a writer at heart. Which could explain my difficulty in tapping in - but I'm not sure. :):)



Dear Marilyn,

Firstly I want to thank you for being a channel of light and healing. I had a wonderful session. After I came home and took a small nap and afterwards felt very rejuvenated. I don't feel the usual shoulder pain and my back pain is also gone. In fact I feel like I have a new body. Haven't felt the pain on the left side of the brain either.
Also, yesterday while talking to you initially, I noticed mucus welling up in the throat area (I have suffered from Tonsilitis before). Although later it cleared up and as I was driving home, it felt totally clear like haven't felt in recent years.
I do feel quite energetic today and I'll make it a point to listen to the recording so as to be able to go beyond the healing.
And I really enjoyed meeting and talking to you. Will keep you posted with future healing.
With love and light,



I received this note before this client's session:

Just to give you information since I have last corresponded with you.

I have felt a surge of energy before falling asleep the evening you confirm my appointment.

Initially, I did not pay too much attention at this specific event, but the following day, I had a wonderful awakening. I have been having bleeding hemorrhoids since quite a few months. My husband is urging to see a doctor, but I have been so busy at work, that I have push this out of my mind.

I wanted to make sure that this was indeed the case and I can tell you that I am not bleeding any more.

Tomorrow I will be driving to the Lower Mainland and I quite excited at the prospect of having a QHHT session. I am still trying to formulate my 4 questions. I will send them to you 4 days before the meeting.

Have a wonderful time and see you soon.



I actually went to my chiropractor today and she couldn't find anything to do, usually there is a lot. That's the most amazing after effect so far.


I've made a two page storyboard sequence of the second "life" I experienced in the session with you ....  It's as close as I can create it, relating everything as I recalled, and trying to stay as accurate as possible to the session.  I thought you'd like to see this!
All's well and I am still listening to my session.
Thanks again.
J R.

Hi Marilyn,

Hope you are having a great summer and enjoying this nice weather.

I just wanted to share a very nice news with you. I passed a big stone from my salivary gland a couple of days ago. It's a big stone for this gland nevertheless that doctor said that it would be almost impossible without surgery to get rid of these stones and he suggested to remove the whole gland and that is the only way to fix the problem.
On our session in April  was told it would happen so looks like I needed time to truly and fully believe and work on it in my mind.

All the best,

Hi Marilyn,

All I can say is wow! I just finished listening to the cd. First of all thank you so much for providing the session, it was absolutely wonderful!
As I listened to it, more pieces fell into place. As though the ideas presented became more filled out, more understood. Very much like the higher self was continuing the process and filling in gaps in my understanding. I feel very encouraged and 'clean". While listening, another aspect came through and that was how appreciated you are.




Knowing that i could trust you was monumental on how much i could let go of myself to really commit myself. You made me feel like there was no time limit so i could talk as in depth as i wanted so to me there was no fast or slow it was however long as it took you gave me. Although i will say the whole process does take awhile and if you want to be in and out in a certain time then i believe you will lose something. I also liked the fact that you let me have breaks to go to the bathroom to get a drink of water to have a smoke those breaks not only let me do those things but also let my mind relax so other questions would come to me that you always welcomed

....  i was in Egypt building pyramids the profound feeling of love meant something that i am trying to understand but as i listened to that part it gave me the feeling that their was something more there that needs to be thought about

....after i was sort of in a state of euphoric it was like a dream state yet i was totally aware of everything and totally coherent but i do remember driving away with a smile on my face and thinking that what i got out of it was way above what i could comprehend and that's why i say that even today i am still learning from the experience

..... i found that the information was more profound than i thought it would be. it wasn't black or white it was more about who i am rather than who i thought i was also for a couple of weeks after i was what you might say supercharged but even today i can say that i am still learning from that experience and its been about 3 months




Hello Marilyn,

It has been super busy start.
I'd like to thank you for the session and the experience.

As you said it takes some time to process all the information and there is new words, thoughts come to surface.

I feel happier, almost relived (relieved) of some energetic baggage.
Some of the recording sounds like it was a Channeled instead of the higher self.
Sounded so fast and fluent.

After all I need to put my services out there and see what happens.

Thank you:
I am going to recommend you to those whom interested and open for it.

With Love




Hi Marilyn,Just giving you an update...

 My skin is amazing! I went off my meds and was a little hesitant but can't believe how amazing it is.   My problems are gone. Even my eczema is clear. I've had this for most of my life trying everything and after that session its gone. A miracle some would say but we both know the real reason. Still waiting about my liver. My next homeopath app is tomorrow so I'm hoping it will be closer to be balanced.

 I feel that my intuition has improved and people are starting to seek me out. My psychic reader is coming to me for a reading now. Lol.  Just sorting out the job situation  to allow for my business to grow.

I've seen great progress with my mom. She is more active and getting herself together.  (We had done a surrogate healing for her mom during the client's session) 

I would like to make another app in the future. A few things to cover but all in all very pleased with the session  and the results. Things I've been dealing with for years were solved in one session. Unbelievable!!

Thanks Marilyn!!!



I have had no (back) pain now for probably a couple of weeks and even driving my truck into town didn't bother it at all and that is unusual especially with the uncomfortable seat in my little old truck.  I really never noticed for a time, typical to not notice when you don't have pain and in fact it was when somebody asked me how it was that I realized I'd had no pain for quite awhile.



.... I’m still integrating all the learning that took place in the session, and am feeling well... of the profound experiences I had, most particularly the encounter with my stepfather. (Forgiving)  I am so immensely relieved having had that experience!  Once I returned home and had a good night’s sleep I awoke feeling happy.  Now, I’m by nature a very optimistic, upbeat person, and I usually start the day in a positive frame of mind.  But this was something new – actually feeling happy!  I think an immense burden was lifted with the realization that everything was just as it should be, and is being played out according to contract!  Wow!

I’ve found that my voice is much steadier since the session, indicating that the (illness) is waning in that part of my body.  I am affirming daily that the same is happening in my hands, which can restore my fine motor skills.

You are so right that we forget many details of our session, so I was pleased to listen to the recording, and will do so again.  There’s so much there!

In his session this client's thyroid was healed and he was told he would need to see his Doctor to reduce his thyroid medication, about a year later this client wrote me this....

I delayed responding right away until I had some more definitive medical proof of improved health.  Blood tests have shown that there are, indeed, very positive changes in my health, and I'm actually changing/stopping some medications....Since the session I had developed some heart palpitations that were a bit annoying, and I wondered what that was all about.  Blood tests showed that my thyroid no longer needed as much support from the meds I had bee prescribed, so, effectively, I was over-medicating?  That's what was causing the palpitations!




I've been wanting to let you know how I've been doing since the hypnosis....I feel like a weight has rolled off me.  About 3 days after the session I suddenly realized that I wasn't angry any more.  I waited several days examining my feelings about a lot of things but the anger is gone.  Also my back seems to be repaired...
I am feeling happier than I ever have and find myself smiling for no reason.  It's a remarkable feeling.  Thank you so much for your hel



 ....you made me feel very comfortable so I was able to talk and say whatever was on my mind which made my mind at ease ......You made me feel like there was no time limit so I could talk as in depth as I wanted ... to me there was no fast or slow it was however long as it took you gave me....even today I can say that I am still learning from that experience and its been about 3 months.

Male, NH.

The session gave me...........insights for clarity with members in my past and current life. Resistance to myself and my life is gone. I am forgiving of myself. .....I love how comfortable I was in the chair and how well you asked the questions to get as much (information) possible from the Higher Self.......I feel past life regressions are an excellent tool for personal growth and finding pieces of the puzzle of why we are here in this life.                                                       

 .....Especially amazing to me was what happened in one of my sessions. I was a shaman in the Pacific Northwest at a time before the white man and you asked me how old a student had to be before I’d accept him/her as an apprentice. Immediately I “saw” a hand held up with the fingers and thumbs spread so you could clearly see the five digits and I answered without thinking “three hands”. I have never seen or heard that way of saying 15 in all my lifetime and it came so fast and so obvious and natural, that I was in the village, beside the fire at that moment in saying that and the entire process of past life regression changed instantly changed from being “possibly a useful dream/imagination exercise” to a real past life experience

....... you make it a very pleasant, un-stressful, relaxing time, yet also a wonderful discovery, awareness and personal expansion experience. I had read in Dolores’s book that should anyone suffer an injury in her regressions that they could be “distanced” from the discomfort so when I experienced the excruciating pain of my ankle being crushed by a rock slide in Machu Pichu – you helped me separate myself from the pain, continue the general lifetime experience and bring the lesson of then to me in this life.

58 yr old male professional


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