What will it be like?

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Dolores Cannon taught that a QHHT®  session cannot be rushed, this is your day and indeed you will not leave the same person who arrived in the morning.  QHHT sessions conducted as Dolores taught generally take from 4 to 6 hours (sometimes longer) to complete. Remember, this is your opportunity to find understanding, healing, and  shifting of issues that may have puzzled you or created impenetrable blocks in your life.  What took many years, or lifetimes to be created may need patience and time to resolve.  Experiencing a QHHT session as Dolores conducted herself is just the beginning of your transformation.

When you arrive we will begin by relaxing and getting to know each other.  During this time I want to hear about you and your life, all the good stuff - not so good stuff and everything in between.  We all have our struggles and our triumphs, in experiencing a human life on this earth we get ourselves into all sorts of situations and out again.  It's all great experience to our Higher Self, our soul's journey is never meant to be judged harshly by anyone least of all ourselves.

After reviewing your list of questions we will talk about hypnosis, or what I prefer to call relaxation and how natural and easy relaxation is, after all if you can fall asleep you can easily allow yourself to relax to the deepest level of consciousness, this is something all humans do.

Then I will get you settled comfortably ready for deep relaxation....As I begin the induction you will see how easy and natural hypnosis is, all you have to do is relax. There is no wrong way to experience QHHT, but a multitude of right ways, simply relax and let the magic unfold!

During the entire experience I will be right there with you asking questions to which you will reply with the very first thing that you see, feel, hear or simply know,  you don't even have to think up an answer, the very first thing is always the correct answer!

An important part of QHHT is when I speak with your Higher Self or what I like to call Higher Consciousness.  This is the all-knowing part of you that is in constant communication with you in a multitude of ways.  This part of you knows exactly what it wants to bring you in a way that is most perfect for you to experience.  I trust the wisdom of the Higher Consciousness completely and I ask you to let go of any doubt and trust this part of yourself also.

As the session comes to a close I will carefully bring you back to full wakefulness, feeling refreshed and wonderful!  You may feel as though you have remembered every detail, but just as with a dream most soon find the memory fading but there is no need to remember everything anyway.   I will give you a recording of your session to take home and review at any time. In fact by listening to your recording over and over again you will gain insights that you may not have noticed while in session . It has also been noted that those who listen to their recording often build on and surpass the original (in session) healing.




$550- For a complete QHHT  session as taught by Dolores Cannon. This includes a recording of your session to take home with you and listen to the rest of your life.


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What will it be like?