Group Past Life Regression

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Group Past Life Regressions are a fun and entertaining way to access  information  about your distant past that may enlighten and astound you.  As you relax in a safe, supportive atmosphere I will guide you through two past life experiences with time after each to write down your experiences. Then everyone will be given the opportunity to share their experience....or pressure!
All that is required is the ability to relax and listen to my voice as I guide you through a relaxing meditation to an experience. Simply allow and accept what ever adventure awaits you in the spirit of fun as you enjoy a magical journey through time!
New!  If you gather 6 participants in total we can pre-book a group session just for your group.




I recommend you book your place in this time travel adventure early
as there are only 6 spaces available per session! 



The next group regression is scheduled for:

To be announced

Starting at 1 - 3:30pm (approx)  -  Cost $30 per person


To be announced

Starting at 10 - 12:30pm (approx)  -  Cost $30 per person


To be announced

Starting at 7 - 9:30pm (approx)  -  Cost $30 per person

These sessions are held in my studio in Maple Ridge which is able to
comfortably hold 6 participants so pre-registration is a must.
Please email me at 
and I will email back with a confirmation.


Please Note:  This is NOT Quantum Healing Hypnosis, (QHHT®) but for those interested in experiencing past lives it is a very powerful and enlightening process.


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