My client found herself in a massive library on a different plane, not on earth.  She is a very old male being wearing shinny blue robes, with a long beard and bright blue eyes.   He’s been working in this library for thousands of years.   On a long rectangular table beside him is a bunch of old books and scrolls.  He opens a scroll but it’s not in a language my client can recognize, it is written in symbols.  As he runs his very long finger over the symbol  it lights up.  As he reads the knowledge in these symbols it is stored inside of him.
He describes his work as being a scribe of sorts, perhaps more a vessel.  He is to transcribe the old books into new books but through a very unique process.  As he runs his finger over the symbols the information is stored inside of him and then he takes a new book and as he runs his finger along the new white paper the knowledge goes into the new paper as raised symbols on the white paper.  As we talk he realizes he is filtering out any energy that has been put on that book by any reader and bringing it back to its perfect form.   He tells me that you can tell the books he is transcribing from are very old because the symbols shine very bright.  Once transcribed over to the new book the symbols aren’t bright, the new books are like babies and the information is pristine again.
He explains as more people come and read the books the symbols become brighter and the book becomes stronger but each person leaves a residual energy that skews the information a little.  What happens to the old book I ask?  The old book disintegrates into a pile of sand, back into the earth. (his words)
 These books are for people to learn and we want them to learn but he has a sacred duty to make sure this information stays pure.  The books have personality, they are like us he says, they have consciousness and he feels for them when they have to deal with everyone else’s crap.  (LOL)
When he is aware someone is coming he gathers the books they need and places them on another round, lighted table.  This round table can be accessed by more planes of existence than the long rectangular table he works on, but the knowledge is not as vast.  He laughs at the round table, because in comparison to where he exists the round table seems so small.  It seems the vast amounts of knowledge he holds can only be accessed at his rectangular table.   Can anyone come to the library I ask?  Only after many lifetimes he says, people might come to the library seeking answers, not everyone can go to this library, you must be a certain vibration.
He then becomes aware of a huge tapestry- like curtain behind him with gold tassels like the curtain in a movie theater.   The curtain is dormant now but people do come through the curtain and into the library at times.  This tapestry is beautiful with stars on it that move in certain patterns and when a pattern is reached someone can come through.
On this important day he is about to greet someone coming through the tapestry that he has been waiting a long, long time for.  He is very happy to greet this person, who is old as well, with a long beard and flowing robes.  His friend is much smaller than him, he is huge in comparison…then he says, “Maybe it’s me.”
He is telling his friend about the library saying this place can never be ruined; nothing could ever take the information away.  He is teaching his friend how to do things, his time is coming to an end because he has decided to go and live lives on earth.  Why I ask?  Because I’ve been here for thousands of years, I love it (the library), but I’m curious.
Feeling apprehensive,  he stands waiting for the stars to get to the right pattern on the tapestry and for some reason when the right pattern comes up he sees the big dipper.
 Once through he’s greeted by many large pyramids and people having a celebration.  He describes the people as being blue skinned, with no hair, wearing long robes with long fingers sticking out from their sleeves!  They are very soft and kind.  The surrounding land as idyllic and green with rivers flowing, it’s beautiful.  The higher self later tells me this is not earth.


                I sent the client this for their approval  before posting publicly, as she read over it more
               information and feeling came to her, she wrote:
                The celebration scene was centred around one huge pyramid and it was beautiful. The orbs
                were flying around the top of it. I feel like it was what they used as means to bring the
                communication to everyone on the planet. Also I have to say when I think of the feeling
               I got looking into this scene. It was truly an unwavering sense of love for all those who
               were part of this place. Unbiased, unconditional love through the collective mind for all,
               it was truly a magical feeling- a feeling I have managed to keep with me. 


He has no body now, just an energy and feels he is an observer watching something from one of his books.  He senses that the symbols in the books are jumping up and forming the scene he‘s observing, and when he focuses on a person he sees a live symbol.  There are also many multicolored orbs flying around, joining in the celebration.   He feels a sense of community, and that all is right in the world.
They are celebrating a momentous event, an anniversary of accomplishing something major.  Her higher self later explained the people were celebrating a union.   They had figured out a way for everyone to communicate in a way they hadn’t figured out before with a higher power.  They were celebrating the time they brought down the higher consciousness to everyone on the planet as a collective and this resulted in their moving into a higher realm of being.  They ascended as a planet or even as a universe he said.  This is what the earth is going through now.
Then he backed away, through the curtain, back in the library waiting for the stars to align again, and finds he is regressing in age in preparation for a new beginning, her current life.  The higher self later said that this is the first lifetime on earth this being has had.  She is a star being who has decided to come and “help out” at this incredibly important time on earth!
One of the questions she wanted clarity on was about a memory she had as a very young child sitting in her crib looking at the wall when a face came through the wall and said something to her.  Her higher self answered that the face was her (the scribe) peeking through the curtain simply because he wanted to see one of his lives, and all he said “Hi, how are you?”  Unfortunately she could never remember what was said and you know what it’s like when you can’t quite remember something that is on the tip of your tongue!
Regarding the ascension the earth is going through now- the higher self said half the people of the earth will be able to communicate with their higher selves in the same way,  they are already working towards it.  Half the population won’t.  The shift or ascension will come on an individual basis, yet it’s collective.  This puzzled me at first, how could each person ascend at different times yet all ascend together as a collective?  I think it’s a bit of a 3D, human brain teaser that only makes sense when understanding there is no such thing as linear time so shifting on an individual basis and collective can seem like it is all at the same time… when there is no time.


                The client wrote back:
                The other feeling I get is towards the planets split or her increase in vibration. I feel like it can
                be more than 1/2 the population, much more if things go well.  Maybe say the people who are
                ready will ascend the people who aren’t won’t. I think what was meant by the individual   
               and the collective was we must work as individuals to increase our vibration and at the
               same time we will be doing it as a collective. Kind of like a ripple in the force felt by all.
              Consciously work as one, unconsciously working together. 
               (This last line was accompanied by a strange feeling and a ringing in my ear…) 


The higher self said our higher selves have access to all the information in that library but the higher self is very cautious and protective.  It will never bring anyone any information that they are not ready for because it could hurt them.  When we have a QHHT session our higher self is accessing appropriate information in the library to answer our questions.  They said we can also request information when we meditate, all we have to do is ask and if it is appropriate for us at that time it will answer.
This client has eons of knowledge stored within but cannot access it all because it is not time.  Someday, within her lifetime they said, she will have access to all!



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