* Switching Timelines / Realities Through Feeling

This client was lovely to work with because she allowed the words from her Higher Consciousness (HC) to flow while still being quite conscious and aware of what was being said.  When the client allows this there is a great opportunity for many Ah-ha!  moments of great clarity and healing.  It’s a very easy, flowing synergy ….my very favorite type of session!
Despite always being of help to those around her, she had some regrets about how she had handled some events in her life that were life changing and also needed at the time.  She wished she had handled them differently and was holding a lot of regret and angst over this.   By this point in the session we had cleared this up and much healing and understanding had already been received.   I mention this background information because it adds some context to what her HC had to say later about her purpose and what those experiences really were….which is ….Just learning  experiences, and that she was never meant to judge as good or bad experiences.


I had already asked this client’s HC about their purpose in this life and she had been given a great answer, but later in the session I had the opportunity to tease out a little more information via another of her questions and this lead the HC to go off on another tangent that I could relate to an experience I had, had.   This is what her HC had to add…..
….It is about energy, she is learning about and could make that the mission, the purpose, learning about and documenting her own recognition of energy that takes place in every experience.  “Oh my goodness!  …. (Client’s Ah-ha moment) ….Every experience!”


ME- So that’s what she’s learning about in this lifetime?
Yes it is about the infiltration of energy and the unconscious and now a more conscious focus on it would offer unique guidelines for those that would be interested.


ME- So is this something she is meant to pursue further?


ME-So what does that look like in 3D? What is it that she needs to know?
That experiences that she’s had so far have given her the opportunity to know that it’s possible to change frequencies without leaving….and there are many who know this is possible but there is still a huge opportunity for those that are coming into being more conscious and aware that would find it beneficial to know that it isn’t something that requires a lot of hard work or dedication.   It is a matter of desire and of finding the opportunities to experience it initially and then they know they’re capable of doing it anytime, anyplace.  It is about a feeling ….being able to express a feeling in energy once one becomes familiar with knowing that you can switch frequencies – timelines,  spaces and places without moving, without going somewhere…it’s like bringing the church to you inside and being able to create that as an energy.


ME-So how would people do that, through themselves by feeling, by changing their feeling or how they think about something?
It’s difficult to change your perceptions or feelings, unless you’ve had the opportunity to experience it and it’s now available.  When you can tell when people  enjoy being in your space because they either don’t want you to leave or they like the conversation or you have a rapport, it is giving more recognition to that as possible in all your environments because you choose it, you can choose to be the master of energy within anywhere,  at anytime,  and you have to know it.


So the starting point is  to recognize, so you go and you feel this, and then you go and you feel that and when you know you can feel you have to know that you are a co-creator in any of those feelings.  You have the ability to then take that and when in an environment with a friend that might be stressed,  or aggressive situations, or verbal tirades, rather than just observing or being involved step back, recall that you are the master  of being able to change the energy in your own self and that can penetrate and be expressed in environment.  Rather than …… (Client now says) …- Ya,  we are masters and the subtlety of energy is…..  Wow, I get that, it is so fascinating.  OK so this is Sue (client), I thought that I had to do the bowl sessions to create that, but I don’t. (Client facilitates crystal bowl sessions every week)     I can just do it because I’ve experienced it.  


-To clarify….. because she has experienced feeling an energy or frequency she can re-create that within herself, she does not need to play the crystal bowls or use anything to create it again to experience it.  Once she recognizes the feeling it can be re-created at any time and it has the power to change the energy in any environment.  By offering the crystal bowl sessions to others they can also have their own energy experience and then re-create that within themselves at any time.



ME -So I’ve come to understand that when I can bring up within myself a feeling of gratitude for whatever  in my  environment, that I am shifting my frequency and moving into another dimension…..



ME- So that is correct?  So that’s what you’re talking about?
Correct, exactly!


ME - And the more we do that the more we slip into this preferred dimension or reality you could call it, that we have created.
Yes, Yes, Yes!
 (Client) I’m going to attempt to document this somehow, but you’ve said it so perfectly. Exactly that…it’s so true! (Said with emotion) and working so little, as little people.


ME- Ya, and we’re so powerful, so it’s not that she has to play the bowls to help people to realize this …
No, but they are a wonderful opportunity to offer because others can experience this,   experience it first hand and then express it in words so the mental body gets it too. And therefore they know just by leaving the room doesn’t mean they have to leave it there It’s like when somebody gives gratitude and they feel that warm blanket enveloping them it’s likely they’ll come back for more, but until they have that feeling it’s hard to say….well actually you can do that….because you can feel it, you can do it.  You can bring it back, you’re tapping into that frequency and all you do is tap- tap- tap.  It’s subtle but it’s true and the energy is perfect for it right now.




While the HC was explaining this I realized it related to an experience I had had 2 years ago…..


I had an interesting experience a couple of years ago when I was driving down my street on a beautiful sunny day, blue sky, nice white fluffy clouds…. real clouds, a chemtrail free day!    I’ve learned to express gratitude on those days because I’ve noticed the more I express gratitude for the real sky,  the  less chemtrails  I notice in my environment.


So on this day I’m just loving and expressing great gratitude and even the colors looked brighter!  Then I became aware of a knowing that says….This is the 5th dimension you know…..WOW! I’m thinking, this is it??   ….Right now you’re moving in for brief periods and out by feeling this gratitude and love and gradually you will be in the 5th dimension for longer and longer periods until you are in it permanently.  I had to pinch myself, you mean it’s that easy?  And here we are turning ourselves inside out in order to be ready (worthy) to enter 5D, Ascension, and the New Earth!


I’ve practiced bringing that feeling of gratitude up and basking in it many times since then and even experienced it spontaneously several times.  The more I do this the more real and tangible it feels.    I still find myself  dwelling on what I’ve labeled difficult experiences at times, but I’ve found it’s much easier now to see them for what they are….experiences and that’s all….I know I have the power to choose to feel them with gratitude and joy, or unhappiness…..it’s entirely my creative choice.


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Switching Timelines Through Feeling

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