* When the Blue Bird Tribe People Inhabited the Earth and Built the Pyramids

I was having a bit of a theme running earlier this year with pyramids that I’ve written about in earlier articles called...Exploring The Purpose Of Pyramids  and another article called ...More Pyramids.  This cooled down for a while and then in the past 2 weeks I’ve noticed another theme emerge, that of the Bird Tribe people.  Today’s session was about both pyramids and the Bird Tribe.

The client experienced a  past life that brought up deep emotion many times during the telling. It felt familiar, like it was home to him in this off earth planet location we later learned was Orion.

Hovering above a massive dome looking at a vast beautiful city inside that was illuminated with a big ball of blue light that seemed to create the dome. The city has blue water or energy flowing through the streets that look like blue flames.  There are thousands and thousands of ball like cars moving across a bridge toward round structures with windows in them.

He sees happy bluish looking people there dancing who have feathers on.  These people greet him as if they know him.  The person closest to him who greets him is wearing some sort of headdress with a snake at the front much like the Egyptian headdress with the snake positioned over the third eye with feathers at the back much like the native Indian war bonnets.

He lived in an apartment with his family in a large building with thousands of others in this city built of crystal buildings. Looking out from his apartment through a half bubble shaped window he can see the other apartments in this building. It was a very beautiful, happy, peaceful life immersed in love.

He described his feet as claws with spindly mottled colored legs and blue feather pant like parts. His hands  were human like but blue.  The torso is like human but it’s blue and he has a large yellow curved beak because he’s male the females have a more pointed straight beak. His yellowish round eyes blink like a bird and He stands about 7 feet tall with blue feathers coming out of the back of the head in a semi-circle indicating he was a male being of his species.

They had been living on this planet by agreement for eons but one day they were attacked by what looked like swirling dragon/serpent type beings or ships because of a disagreement, they wanted the planet.  Sadly the bird people decided to leave their home in their vast star shaped space ships.

These bird people were invited to move to Earth, it was peaceful there, they had been there before and knew it so they traveled to earth in many ships.

The large star shaped ships stayed above the earth until they had prepared a place for themselves.  This place where he settled was in what is now called  Egypt, but the climate was much different then, this was before the pyramids were built when there was an abundance of water and lush vegetation.

The people of earth lived in huge mushroom like structures grouped together. and they welcomed his people, they were with familiar with the people they called the bird family. The bird people are remembered to this day from the pictures of the bird family in the pyramids. His people offered knowledge in return for being allowed to live on earth.

Because they didn’t want to disturb the human population they built a beautiful city in a bright pumpkin shaped cavern underground that has light emanating everywhere.  With their technology using crystals, minerals and light  they built, heated and lit their insect shaped homes.  Why insect shape?  Because this was a new beginning and they wanted to build differently in keeping with the earth.

The energy/light comes in through one large beam (from a ship) that lights domes he said look like flower pots.  The color of the energy they use on earth is white not blue, but they adjust. The bluish light in their old home is what caused the confrontation with the dragon/serpent beings, it interfered with the energy of the planet and the dragon beings didn’t like that and made them leave.   The reason they could live harmoniously on earth is because they used crystal energy which worked with the earth and did no harm.

These beings lived over 600 years and in his lifetime they helped the people of earth to build pyramids in the lush Egyptian landscape and in Lemuria.  Some of Lemuria is still above ground in South America, but many more of the pyramids in South America were built much, much later when the bird people came back again.

His people built the 3 famous pyramids in Egypt that we know today as a thank you gift for the earth people to remember the bird people were here.  He said the 3 pyramids are to remind the earth people of the Merkaba, our human vehicle. Describing what he was being shown he said:  When you put 1 pyramid inside the other one and put the two inside the largest you have the merkaba- 3 triangles. The 3 pyramids were also to remind us of Orion that’s where the blue bird people are from.  Then he mentioned the 7 sisters (Pleiades) in the constellation of Taurus.  To find the 7 sisters you look to the right of Orion’s belt.


When the bird people built the pyramids they used the power of their mind and a 5 or 6 inch crystal and silver tube that lit up to radiate and vibrate the stone.  The energy changed the weight of the stone blocks allowing the light to lift and direct the movement of the stone with their mind and this tool.  Once the energy focus was taken off the stone block it returned to its original weight.  He said that some humans learned to do this with the tool as well and pyramids were built in this way where ever their ships had landed.


Why the pyramid shape I ask?  Energy for the city, he says.  Energy for the city?  Humm… he wonders to himself.  When the cap stone was still on the largest pyramid they could beam energy from their ship in space into the tip of the biggest pyramid and energize their space ship and energize earth.  Why did earth need to be energized like that?  Vibration.  What’s the purpose of that? Not to move?  The earth not to move, it kept the earth in its place?  That’s the words that I get. He said.   This apparently kept the earth movements to a minimum and the climate stayed the same which helped the earth civilization grow consciously and  spiritually.  Once the bird people left the earth they weren’t guardians anymore and the earth’s climate gradually changed and shifted to what it is today in that region.

He then said when we meditate we should put a pyramid around us so therefore we and our merkaba are inside the pyramid shape and this is very powerful.

Note:  As most know the pyramid is a very powerful shape, much study has been done with that shape.  It seems what these bird tribe people were showing the earth people a way for them to travel using their merkaba or energy vehicle inside a pyramid…..much like the information I received in earlier sessions about pyramids being used as stargates for near instantaneous travel in the Universe.  I love it when the bits and pieces of information come together like this!

After many years these Bird Tribe beings were contacted and told they could return to their home because the Dragon people had evolved through contact with higher beings and had been made aware of what they had done to the bird people.  He and his partner went home but his children stayed on earth as it was home to them.

Back on his home planet the people who returned built a new city without a dome that contained their environment that was even more beautiful than the old one and he was very happy and satisfied they were able to accomplish this after all the destruction.  He was old by then, his wife had already passed and he was over 600 years old when he left his body.

He had been a warrior, a protector of his people in that life and his Higher Self wanted him to know he didn’t need to be a warrior in this life which answered his question…Why did he have such a strong dislike of WW 1 & 2, never wanting to hear or study about it.  His loneliness in this life was from that life also when he had traveled away from family on the ships.

His purpose in this life today is to fight for what he believes in and heal with his hands.  His Higher Consciousness helped to heal several health issues and chronic pain which he felt immediate relief from.

The session had been very clear visually for him and I often felt like there was so much information he couldn’t possibly tell me about all he was seeing.  Also, because most of it was totally unexpected he had difficulty finding the words to describe what he couldn’t readily understand.  I have no doubt listening to his session will bring back those visions and he will continually learn more each time he listens.


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When the Blue Bird Tribe People Inhabited the Earth

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  1. Thank you so much for this article. I just came from a past life regression and found myself with the Bird Tribe as well. I saw a lot and now have a sense of belonging and know who I am. My body was lighting up reading this. Thank you again

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