* Ghostly Adventure of a Nurse #QHHTmoment

This Re- post of a session facilitated and written by Nicole Radke had me pondering....... Do we evolve ever upward/higher and higher, perfecting ourselves over countless lifetimes as we've been taught? Or as it seems here, is the ultimate goal more a balancing act in this realm of polarities?
After reading this I wondered to myself whether true spiritual evolution may not be living each life in goodness and light, helping others with humility and love.   Perhaps true spiritual enlightenment can only be reached when we find balance, neither good nor bad....just right. 
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ID-100273543March 29, 2016

By - Nicole Radke

Hanna was taken to a past life where she was very poor. She had to take care of her mother and two brothers by sneaking into the houses to get food, because she was the smallest to fit through the opening. Her two brothers went off to war and never returned while her mother died of a respiratory illness that took the lives of many others. At that time Hannah was tending to the many sick housed in a tent camp. She was close to the priest and also lived in the church the remainder of her life. She died at an old age and here is where it get’s interesting. To me it sounded like she was a ghost. We sometimes think of ghosts as being bothersome and scary but now she is telling me she is helping heal people. This is new information for those working in the paranormal field. I wanted to find out what happened when she moved on from there. After all I had Hannah lying on the bed in my office in a physical body.

N:   What happens to that body?

H:   They put her in a box and they carve something on top of it. Jane. The name is Jane.

N:   Where do you go from here?

H:   I feel I need linger around the church. I am still helping in other ways. Because on the energy level I can still help. When people come to church I can help them pray. They can shift their energy better. They can experience healing this way. So I can still stay around and heal even if I am not a nurse anymore.

N:   What do you mean they can heal?

H:   Just from whatever they are feeling. Even emotional or physical. Physical illnesses, emotional illnesses or just feeling they need some guidance, another direction. Then all I have to do is put my hands on them.

N:   Would the people know you are touching them or see you?

H:   No. The priest knows. He feels me.

N:   In our understanding of time how long do you stay there?

H:   Four years.

N:   Why did you leave?

H:   They told me I have to go. I have to be born again. It is like a voice. I just hear it. It is time to go.

N:   Is there some sort of planning for the next life?

H:   I just know where I am supposed to go. It is a sense of knowing, a pull, it is a pulling. I decide I am going to go to Italy. It will be born a male and have a very nice home. Loving parents, extremely spoiled. An easy life. I needed a break. That life of the man in Italy I am going to, he was just rotten. He was so spoiled. He had everything he wanted. He would spill things, break things. He was mean to his parents and rude to everyone. I didn’t have balance. You have to have balance between the good and the bad

N:   Do you choose your parents?

H:   I choose them long before I start any of the lifetimes. I feel I do good, after the life I rest and then I continue to do good, then I rest. I do this for a long time. I am put here to help. I have to help other people and then have I life where I don’t have to and then again a life where I have to help.

N:   What did you learn from that experience?

H:   I could have found a purpose. You can choose anything you want. You can choose to be rotten or you could choose to be helpful. You have to have a balance, an extreme is not good. Both lives were extremes, just the opposite. There was no balance.

N:   What is the connection to this lifetime as Hannah?

H:   Overindulgence. Both lives were over indulging, the nurse in her work and the man overindulged in woman, money, food, homes, everything. He died alone also. She learned empathy from both lives. The first live was for a good reason. She spent her life helping others and but not creating a life of her own. In the other life he pushed people away from him because of being so spoilt. He was spoilt and hateful and pushed everyone away. He died because he was careless. He died at 28, overindulgence of substances. He just didn’t take care of himself and it ended up killing him.


I called forward the subconscious to find out why it chose to show such two opposite lives.

N:        Why did you show her the life of the nurse?

SC: To show her she has purpose. She is able to care for others. She grew up poor to understand the balance. There is no way she could have understood balance without having bad and good. She could have taken the role of the nurse and used it to her advantage to be over other people but instead she decided to be as one with others.

N:   Why did she have to die alone and then experience the life of the man in Italy?

SC: To know she is never alone. Just in human form do you feel alone. It is not real. To you it feels real because it has to feel real. So you can appreciate when you have people in your life so you don’t take people for granted

N:   So it feels real but is not real. I’m trying to understand.

SC: Correct. She is used for where she needs to be used at. Where here energy needs to be it is there. She is placed where she needs to be.

N:   Who places her in these places, who decides?

SC: She agreed to be placed where she needs to be. Before coming. She decides, before she starts the journey, then she has to complete it.

We learn so much from contrast and opposites but the goal is to land somewhere in the middle. We experience all that we need to in order to learn from our lives.

Nicole Radke


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Ghostly Adventure of a Nurse #QHHTmoment

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