A YouTube Chat with the Ego ~ An Understanding in Integration of the Human Consciousness

I had the pleasure of seeing Suzanne Spooner present this information at our recent QHHT Practitioner's reunion in Springdale Arkansas.   We practitioners often talk with the Higher Self of our clients, but the Ego or left brain is usually by-passed in the process.  Suzanne followed her intuition and asked to speak with her client's ego this time and the results are brilliant.


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I am so blessed to spend time sitting next to clients as they explore the part of themselves that knows all answers. They not only find the origin of their issues, illnesses and curiosities but very often they heal their own bodies. With each session I facilitate, I learn and expand my knowledge of the human and spirit condition. I like to say I have a front row seat to magnificence!

With Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) the practitioner guides the client past the conscious mind (monkey mind) deeper into the level of consciousness we more commonly relate to as the intuition, gut, subconscious or High Self. When I first learned this technique I would emphasize to the client that we had to keep the conscious mind or ego out of the way. I’d suggest picturing it in the corner, out in the hall or in the back seat; just out of the way of the deeper knowledge we were seeking on the client’s behalf. We did battle with the ego at times and frankly belittled it.

I have to say in recent months my heart has softened on the old ego. In spiritual circles it’s common to hear people wanting to minimize or all together kill it off. I’ve heard others state that they are now ego-less or striving for that state. It just seemed to me if an ego is part of being human then shouldn’t we want to understand it and work to integrate this aspect of ourselves? Perhaps if we could have a peace treaty with the ego it could be a wondrous co-creator with us! Anything is a possibility.

Recently in a QHHT session I gave to another practitioner we had an interesting thing happen. We were towards the end of the hypnosis part of the session. Her Subconscious had been speaking about the client and her healthy relationship with her ego. On a whim, I asked to speak with her ego! I had never thought of doing this before, specifically.

What happened next was the most eye opening and heart expanding conversation that went on for about 20 minutes. At times the ego was… ego-ish! And then something unexpected happened. Her ego would explain how it loves to protect her and that it felt one with all of Paula’s aspects. Most surprisingly it spoke about how love and respect are the most important qualities of all.

Thank you to Paula and her husband for giving their permission to have their names used in this recording and blog piece and for allowing us each to open our minds and hearts to understand our own egos! We hope you enjoy our conversation!

Much Love, Suzanne


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A YouTube Chat with the Ego ~ An Understanding in Integration of the Human Consciousness

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