Faith In The Healing Process

Leap of Faith

This is a note a recent client sent me about their progress.  This is the second session with me that this client has had, and much valuable information for this person has been found.  This time the client had an interesting healing request.  I had no idea whether they would follow through with the advice of their Higher Consciousness or not.  Apparently they did with truly amazing results……..

Two months ago, I had a QHHT session with another practitioner while I was traveling.  During this session, I had decided to ask the Higher Consciousness (HC) about the possibility of healing my vision.  I have been nearsighted since I was 13 years old. Over the course of the years, my prescription had evolved to -3.50 on the right eye and -2.75 on the left eye.  Wearing glasses or contact lenses became a norm in my life.  When I first asked about healing my vision in a (QHHT) session in October 2012, I was told that I had developed nearsightedness because I needed to see things differently and that I would not be granted immediate healing of my vision.  By September 2013, I was ready to ask for healing again.  During my session while traveling, the HC had granted the healing of my vision but said that it will take approximately one month if I was able to do the following things:

Stop wearing glasses immediately (regardless of whether or not I can see), Meditate daily and imagine light to my eyes, Be open and willing to see things differently.

I found the homework hard to do.  I have been meditating daily but I often forget to imagine light to my eyes.  I was traveling at the time and it was a foreign country and a foreign city to me. I did not feel safe driving around in a rental car without my glasses on.  I felt like I had to put my glasses back on and and vowed that when I go back home to Canada, I would stop wearing glasses.  After I went home to Vancouver, I made excuses of why I needed to keep wearing glasses.  I thought, "Oh, I have to drive the kids from school," or "I have to drive at night and it was unsafe not to wear my glasses..." The HC said that putting glasses on while they were trying to heal my eyes would negate any progress in the healing.  Somehow, I had to find the time and the courage to stop wearing my glasses.

In early November 2013, I had a session with QHHT practitioner Marilyn and again, I asked her to ask the Higher Consciousness about healing my vision. The HC continued to tell me to do the same things.  This time, I decided to give it a real shot. I decided not to wear glasses.  That same night after the session, my husband and I took my mother to the airport I remembered sitting in the passenger seat as my husband was driving.  During our trip home from the airport, I noticed on two occasions where my husband was in the wrong lane to make a turn. For example, he would be in the left lane when he needed to make a right turn.  In fact, I knew where we were going more than he did and he was the one with his glasses on!  I cannot explain how this works.  Somehow, I had to see more with my knowingness. It was as if I knew where to go.

I couldn't have picked a better time to not wear glasses or contact lenses because I had planned to visit my Father out of country one week after I stopped wearing glasses.  There was a concern that I would not be able to see which gate I should be going to for my flight and where to pick up my luggage.  However,  I persisted in not wearing my glasses, forcing me to ask people where I was going if I could not see.  I realized this process had encouraged me to talk to more people but I seemed more anti-social to others because I could not see their faces and wouldn't know if people were trying to smile at me.

One day after arriving in the city where my Dad lives he had to run some errands and he ended up parking his car in front of the optical store he usually gets my glasses from.  I asked my Dad if I could go inside to check my vision and he agreed.  I knew that there was a machine they could use to get a fairly accurate reading of my vision without an actual appointment with an optometrist. This store was opened by one of my Dad's old students as my Dad used to teach people how to dispense glasses.

When I went inside the store and asked to have my vision checked, the owner's wife wanted to dig up my old prescription and I told her not to find my previous vision prescription.  I did not want my previous prescription to influence the outcome of my vision test.  When she completed the test on my vision with the machine, I was astonished to find that my vision had improved by 30% in both eyes.  My Dad couldn't believe it either! He used to teach this stuff and he told me that vision usually gets worse instead of better. He had never seen people's vision get better, especially as they get older.  In fact, only one week after I stopped wearing my glasses, I could no longer wear my old glasses anymore.

Last night (approximately one month after my session) I went to see a movie in the theaters with my husband.  For the first time since I was 13 years old, I could watch a movie and see what was going on without wearing my glasses.  In fact, I am currently writing this blog post without wearing my glasses.  Hooray! Thank You Universe!

Faith is a big part of the healing process. In order for us to be healed, we have to have faith that we can be healed and that we are already healed. I'm not suggesting that everyone should go out and drive around without their glasses on.  I try to get my husband to do the driving and use other forms of transportation while I was healing my eyes. It was important for me to believe and trust the advice given by the Higher Consciousness.  Another practitioner told me that she had many clients who had their vision completely restored over a period of time, but all of them listened to their session recordings over and over again and followed the advice given by their HC.

It is simply amazing to continue to witness the transformational power of being aligned with our higher selves and utilizing our natural abilities to heal ourselves. I truly live a very magical life!

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Faith In The Healing Process

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